Simply Men’s Health, the leader in Men’s Regenerative Medicine, introduces the most revolutionary breakthrough in regenerative medicine- ACellr_symbol Extracellular Matrix.

What is ACellr_symbol?


ACellr_symbol, often called “pixie dust” or “magic dust,” is a matrix that has the power to stimulate site-appropriate  tissue regeneration.   The ACellr_symbol Matrix harnesses the regenerative capacity of the body and mobilizes adult stem cells telling the body to heal from within and to regrow new normal tissues.  The ACellr_symbol MatriStem powder is gradually in incorporated within the patient’s body and is replaced with site-appropriate tissue.


How Does  ACellr_symbol Work?

ACellr_symbolis proprietary acellular extracellular matrix (ECM) platform derived from porcine urinary bladder.  What distinguishes ACellr_symbol ECM  from other “copy” ECM products is that ACellr_symbol is derived by a proprietary processing method that preserves INTACT epithelial basement membrane which is key in stimulating regeneration of site-appropriate tissue. The ACellr_symbol MatriStem powder facilitates a constructive remodeling process in the body that facilitates the restoration of normal site-appropriate tissue.

What is an Extracellular Matrix (ECM)?

AcellVialExtracellular Matrix (ECM) technology is complex protein scaffold upon which new tissue growth is constructed by the body.  It is the structure that makes new tissue regeneration possible.   ACellr_symbol MatriStem is the only medical device ECM available through physicians made of intact basement membrane derived from urinary bladder matrix that facilitates the body’s own regenerative capabilities to restore normal site-appropriate tissue.


ACellr_symbol MatriStem Regenerative Capacity – “Magic Pixie Dust”

regrow fingerUnlike a salamander, if a human loses the tip of his or her finger it’s gone. Or is it?  Scientists have now discovered the key to the regenerative
capacity of the salamander is “intact basement membrane” which instructs the salamander’s cells  to regrow site-appropriate tissue.  ACellr_symbol MatriStem is the only product through it’s proprietary processing that harnesses the body’s regenerative capacity and has many medical applications from wound healing, surgical repairs, to incorporation into Platelet Rich Plasma therapies.  ACellr_symbol Matrix powder has been used to regrow finger tips.  It can even regenerate fingerprints and the nail and in the future it has the potential to regrow all types of tissues including organs.



How Simply Men’s Health Harnesses the Regenerative Potential of ACellr_symbol


Simply Men’s Health is an innovator in Men’s Regenerative Medicine and incorporates the cutting-edge technology of ACellr_symbol MatriStem and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

PRP is used throughout medicine in cosmetic facial rejuvenation, orthopedic medicine and penile enhancement Priapus Shotr_symbol.   The Priapus Shotr_symbol, developed by Dr. Charles Runels, helps to improve erectile dysfunction, increase sensitivity and enhance penis size utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma’s growth factors and stem cell stimulation. At Simply Men’s Health we have developed the RejuvaEnhancement™ for the Penis and RejuvaHair™ for non-surgical hair restorations  which combines PRP and ACellr_symbol. The ACellr_symbol forms a biological scaffold which stimulates new site-appropriate tissue regeneration and to enhance the regenerative potential of the growth factors and activated stems cells from the Platelet Rich Plasma.