TESTIMONIALS – What Our Patients are Saying….


I was a skeptic! For years I’d heard ad after ad by companies claiming their product would improve the condition of men with ED. I tried many of them from Cialis, Staxin, Viagra and others to Nitrous Oxide supplements. Only Viagra worked well…But only at first! In the beginning Viagra worked well taking only minimal dosage.  As time went on I had to keep increasing the dosage to achieve the same results. I reached a point where the maximum dosage was being taken with minimal and VERY unreliable results. It had become almost useless. I’d spent thousands! I decided to see Simply Men’s Health. I was skeptical but had to try. No surgery or needles or medication required was a real plus. They explained what the REAL cause of ED is for most men. And it makes perfect sense! Viagra, Cialis etc will NOT cure it. They are only “band aids” that do not address the real problem. It’s the same old story of the pharmaceutical companies making billions and billions by treating symptoms and no cure!!! And they are NOT going to give us the facts.Right now I’m almost half way through the series of treatments at Simply Men’s Health with continuing improvements in EVERY area!! …. The Doctor and staff are great!…. I HIGHLY recommend Simply Men’s Health! MF


I’m 34 years old and started to experience problems getting an erection and maintaining it over the last couple of years. I had tried Viagra and hormones, but it didn’t help. I heard about Simply Men’s Health and made an appointment not knowing what to expect. I signed up for the 3 week EPAT therapy and the Priapus shot. After just a couple of treatments I was getting erections, but even more amazing was that the curve in my penis straightened out. The treatment was only a few minutes and relatively painless, but the results are amazing A.B.


I am 70 years old and have diabetes and have had heart surgery and had a stroke. I haven’t had an erection in over 10 years and Viagra did nothing. I have tried several clinics and needles in the past, but nothing helped. I heard about this new treatment at Simply Men’s Health, and I gave it try not having much expectations. To my surprise after my first treatment I woke up with an erection, something I hadn’t seen in years, and by my 5th treatment I was having sex with my wife. It’s truly a miracle treatment. Steven O.


I’m 65 years old on multiple medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and I’ve had heart bypass surgery a few years ago and a radical prostatectomy over 10 years ago for prostate cancer and since then I’ve had ED. At first Viagra worked well and then it stopped working. I had been to a number of clinics but was not satisfied with the results. I’m not able to get hard erections that last long enough . I came to Simply Men’s Health and went through their RejuvaWave treatment as well as the Priapus shot. After the first Priapus shot I noticed an increase in the size and girth of my penis. Also over the weeks of treatment, I have experienced significant improvements and can have sex a couple of times a night. I am continuing with treatments on a regular basis and keep improving beyone my
imagination.     Mark M


I’m 80 years old and married to my high school sweetheart. One day my wife asked me if I could rub a genie bottle and have one wish, what would it be? My answer was to have sex like we used to when we were young. It would take a miracle. I have had problems with ED for over 10 years and had TURP surgery for my prostate. I had gone to urologists and tried pills and nothing helped. Well, my wife said she heard a commercial for Simply Men’s Health. I called and made the first available appointment. I was so scared and nervous, but the staff were wonderful and understanding. Within a few weeks my wish came true and my wife and I are so ecstatic. Ral S.