5 Important Erectile Dysfunction Facts

Erectile Dysfunction Boca Raton, FL

Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED in silence. The stigma attached to it being an indicator of sexual health or appetite deters some from taking the necessary steps to get help. Speaking to a doctor about issues with achieving and maintaining an erection should be done as soon as the problem first occurs. The longer a man waits to seek help, the higher the psychological damage ED may do. 

What is erectile dysfunction?

When a man becomes aroused, blood rushes to the penis and causes an erection. There are times when there is a problem with this process, resulting in insufficient blood flow to the penis. The result is a flaccid or semi-hard penis that often prevents sexual intercourse. It was assumed that only older men experienced ED, but it is now becoming evident that men of all ages can experience bouts of ED. Advances in medication are making ED more inconvenient than permanent.

5 facts about ED

There are still many mysteries surrounding ED and why some men are more susceptible to it than others. Review these five facts about ED to increase awareness about some of the most common reasons behind this embarrassing and frustrating medical condition.

1. An underlying medical condition

Doctors have a list of standard questions at exam time. A standard is usually about any new issues that need addressing. Things that come on suddenly, such as ED, may do so not because they are the problem, but because they are symptoms of another one. Erectile dysfunction may point to something else occurring in the body, such as an issue with the prostate or urinary tract.

2. Not always a physiological problem

ED is not always about a physical issue. Psychological problems, like depression and anxiety, may cause men to develop complications with achieving an erection. The medication used to treat these mental afflictions may have the unintended side effect of causing ED, especially in young men.

3. Lifestyle may contribute

Some outside lifestyle factors may lead to the onset of ED in men. According to Medical News Today, things like smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug use may make getting an erection difficult. The stress and strain of work and family may also lead ED, mainly found in younger men.

4. Age is a general factor

Erectile dysfunction is more prominent in men over 60. This is the time when testosterone production is declining. Since this hormone is responsible for triggering sexual arousal, it stands to reason that less of it makes arousal more challenging to achieve.

5. Performance anxiety

For some men, a failure to perform sexually is distressing. After being unable to attain an erection once, the difficulty is likely to recur because of fear. The worry of being unable to achieve an erection actually causes ED, perpetuating the cycle.


While erectile dysfunction can cause increased stress in a relationship, it is something that can be treated. If there is a problem achieving a full erection, speak to your doctor about possible reasons and treatment options.

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