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A Men’s Health Clinic Answers Commonly Asked ED Questions

 When it comes to men’s health, not all guys go to the doctor when they should. Often men don’t ask about ED Questions because too embarrassed. Does that sound familiar? While you might put off a lot of things, you should never avoid seeking medical advice for erectile dysfunction. Even if you feel embarrassed, this is your body’s way of saying that something is not right.

What is erectile dysfunction-most basic of ED questions?

In simple terms, this happens when a man cannot maintain an erection. According to recent men’s health reports, roughly 30 million males in the U.S. alone have this problem. Although it is common, a guy should never hesitate to see a doctor. Often, erectile dysfunction or ED is the result of something minor. Other times, it can indicate a more serious issue.A lot of guys obsess about failing in the bedroom. Instead, these people need to make sure that everything is okay. As part of men’s health, that involves communicating with a doctor and going through an exam. Depending on the patient, a physician may do a workup to include drawing blood and performing other tests. In some instances, a doctor might suggest that a patient see a therapist or psychiatrist.

The importance of men’s health

Interestingly, both mental and physical health-related problems can lead to erectile dysfunction. As far as men’s health goes, ED is somewhat complicated. After all, it involves many different factors such as the brain, nerves, muscles, emotions, hormones, and blood vessels. Therefore, an individual might struggle with this condition for any number of reasons. This is why men should seek medical care once symptoms begin.Often, the first sign of ED is when a guy cannot perform sexually. Someone with ED either loses an erection prematurely or experience delayed ejaculation. In either case, the individual needs to recognize that as a problem. However, there are other men’s health issues that can cause erectile dysfunction. A few examples include diabetes and heart disease.

The ED Questions about the Common causes of ED

There are even more reasons why so many men struggle with erectile dysfunction. For instance, obesity, high blood pressure, MS, and high cholesterol are all contributing factors. Even using tobacco, taking certain prescribed medications, and drinking excessively can cause ED. These prove how critical it is for males to focus more on men’s health than poor sexual performance.Physical issues are not the only factors. Many men struggle with erectile dysfunction due to mental health problems. That includes depression, anxiety, and stress. Whether the result of a breakup or divorce or perhaps losing a loved one, these too affect men’s health. This is why a doctor might recommend that a patient see a therapist or psychiatrist.

Staying on top of men’s health

Whether you have ED or worry that it might happen, make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle. That means no smoking or chewing tobacco, limited alcohol consumption, and staying within a normal weight range. If you have any of the mental or physical health problems mentioned or struggle with an erection, see a doctor. The right treatment will improve the situation.

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