Avoid Cabin Fever during long COVID19 winter - new meaning to "Safe Sex"

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COVID19 Gives New Meaning to "Safe Sex"!

Dr. Oz says couples should have sex while quarantining to avoid Cabin Fever

Check out the video, and see what he has to say for yourself.

But  for many couples, especially older couples who may have diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure and are most vulnerable to COVID19 , Dr. Oz's advice to have more sex may cause more frustration due to Erectile Dysfunction issues.

Simply Men's Health serving West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Miami can help you get back in the game and enjoy sexual intimacy again with your partner!    Call us at  561-431-9424


I’m 80 years old and married to my high school sweetheart. One day my wife asked me if I could rub a genie bottle and have one wish, what would it be?  My answer was to have sex like we used to when we were young.  It would take a miracle.  I have had problems with ED for over 10 years and had TURP surgery for my prostate.   I had gone to urologists and tried pills and nothing helped. Well, my wife said she heard a commercial for RejuvaWAVE.   I called and made the first available appointment.  I was so scared and nervous, but the staff was wonderful and understanding.   Within a few weeks my wish came true and my wife and I are so ecstatic.    Ral S.

Simply Men's Health, the leader in men's sexual health serving South Florida and the Treasure Coast since 2014, has a number of solutions that can allow you to enjoy sexual relations with your partner immediately .   We guarantee results on the first visit,  or the visit is free.


Simply Men's Health has a number of treatment options to help you get over COVID19 Cabin Fever by enjoying sex again with your partner

Men no longer have to be embarrassed and suffer in silence.  Simply Men's Health has revolutionized the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in the United States with the introduction of their exclusive RejuvaWAVE® shockwave therapy. Simply Men's Health was the first to introduce shockwave ED therapy to South Florida and developed the exclusive RejuvaWAVE protocol. The treatment of ED has come a long way since the introduction of the little blue pill. Simply Men’s Health is the first to offer a combination of exclusive, ground-breaking, advanced regenerative medicine treatment protocols that can restore your sex life back to when you were in your 20’s and 30’s.


“I am a 70 year-old widow and have had ED for over twenty years. I came to Simply Men’s Health and after several months I started to notice improvements…and after about six months my ED is no longer a problem. I have sex regularly, sometimes multiple times in an evening, without any pills or needles.”  Joseph M.  

Simply Men's health, the leader in Men's Sexual Health was established in 2014 and is OWNED by a Harvard-trained physician specializing in Preventive Medicine. The following are some of our exclusive, state-of-the-art Erectile Dysfunction treatments:

Shockwave therapy for Erectile dysfunction has been used for over 20 years in Europe.  Simply Men’s Heath was the FIRST to introduce the revolutionary ED shockwave therapy to Florida.   Based on extensive experience, Simply Men's Health developed their exclusive RejuvaWAVE® ED Shockwave Technique  introduced in the United States in 2014.   RejuvaWAVE® ED Shockwave  is the gold-standard in ED Shockwave therapy, and is exclusive to Simply Men’s Health with over 85% success rate.  RejuvaWAVE® can reverse the underlying cause of ED and prevent the accepted age-related inevitable decline of sexual vitality and can CURE ED.  RejuvaWAVE®,  shockwave therapy regenerates penile tissue and helps restore blood flow restoring sexual spontaneity.   Imagine enjoying a spontaneous sex life again by following a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy diet and receiving the revolutionary Erectile Dysfunction treatment at Simply Men's Health.

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The Priapus Shot® for men and the O-Shot® for women help restore the pleasure of sexual relations increasing sensitivity and more intense orgasms. The Priapus Shot  was developed by Dr. Runels and Simply Men's Health is a certified provider serving West Palm Beach and Boca and Miami.   The Priapus Shot® contains cells and concentrated growth factors derived from you own blood which can increase penis size, improve blood flow, increase sensation and strengthen erections.    In addition the P-Shot® can help break up and soften scar tissue that causes the penis curvature seen in Peyronie's disease.  


Simply Men's Health has customized compounded Trimix and Quadmix formulations that we guarantee will allow you to enjoy sex again with your partner. Whether you want  to enjoy sex for a few minutes or hours, our experienced staff at Simply Men's Health can make your dreams of having sex again come true.   Guaranteed IMMEDIATE results or the visit is free! Enjoy a great sex life again in only ONE visit. 98% success rate! Safe and effective

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Get more information about Simply Men's Health West Palm Beach and Boca Raton at www.simplymenshealth.com.

CAUTION: . Many people are infected and have no symptoms, and there are those that have symptoms but have not been tested.  This advice is only for couples living in same household.  We are not recommending dating or social interactions with partners outside  your domicile.




Simply Men's Health - Reclaim Your Vitality. Leader in Men's Sexual Health and Regenerative Medicine Simply Men's Health Simply Men's Health is the leader in Men's Sexual Health and Advanced Regenerative medicine. Simply Men's Health revolutionized the treatment of ED and Peyronie's in the United States with the introduction of the RejuvaWAVE shockwave therapy and PRP Stem Cell therapies

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