Does RejuvaWAVE® for ED Work?

You may have heard about a newer treatment for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) called RejuvaWAVE®. This treatment is gaining popularity among men of all ages. But you might be wondering if this treatment works as well as you have heard. Keep reading to learn more about this treatment.

Vascular issues with shock wave therapy

Many men who suffer from ED have vascular issues. These issues can negatively affect the blood vessels around the penis. Because the penis relies on good blood flow to erect, vascular issues can decrease the ability to completely erect. When vascular problems are present, the blood can drain from the organ prematurely. The erection will not be maintained, or it may never happen in the first place.

RejuvaWAVE® is a form of shock wave therapy that can restore good erectile function to men. RejuvaWAVE® is also being used in other fields such as urology and vascular medicine. Cardiologists have used this type of therapy to help stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the body. Now, patients are choosing this acoustic therapy for blood vessels in the penis. By creating new blood vessels in the tissue, men can have stronger and longer erections.

How well RejuvaWAVE® works

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved the use of shock wave treatments. This includes ones such as RejuvaWAVE®. More research is still needed on how well RejuvaWAVE® will work. But the studies that have been done have shown that RejuvaWAVE® worked better than the placebo.

However, RejuvaWAVE® is a form of shockwave therapy, which has been around for many years. Modern medicine has used this type of therapy for many years now. Many people have used it to remove excess fat tissue or to break up kidney stones. However, some European researchers realized that lower-intensity acoustic pulse waves would not damage the organs or the skin.

Once it was discovered that ED involved a lack of blood flow to the organ, this treatment became more popular. Applying the waves to the penis would treat the cause of ED, not just the symptoms. Some studies have found that RejuvaWAVE® treatments may work better than other treatments. These other treatments included medications and devices for the penis.

This type of treatment can break up small plaque and create an inflammatory process. This will release nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator. It is also the same chemical that is in other ED medications. One of the benefits is that patients do not need to worry about harmful side effects.

Visit a doctor for RejuvaWAVE® treatment today

Even though more research is needed on this therapy, patients can still experience benefits. RejuvaWAVE® can offer an alternative to medications or invasive surgical procedures. It is important to speak with your doctor before choosing this type of therapy. However, you might experience benefits from this treatment that other options do not offer. The right way to find out is by making an appointment with your doctor today.

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