Low Testosterone in Men and COVID Connection

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MEN, low T affects more than just your sex life. Low Testosterone associated with high risk of severe COVID-19 and death

Now there is even more reason for men to seek hormone replacement therapy (TRT) than just their performance in the bedroom. According to research published May 25th in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Low Testosterone puts you at a higher risk of bad outcomes from Coronavirus.

Covid Immune System Paradox

A strong immune system is necessary for good health. For instance, daily our immune system fights off invading pathogens and cancer cells. Likewise, a strong immune system is necessary to fight off COVID. However, it seems that an overactive immune response, called a cytokine storm, is the culprit that causes the fulminating COVID lung disease, organ failure and death. In other words, the body’s immune system turns against itself.

Somehow this immune response that is supposed to protect us and kill the virus goes out of control. Instead of just killing the virus, our immune response responds too aggressively. As a result, this cytokine storm gets out of control and starts damaging your own body including your lungs and other organs.

What are cytokines?

Cytokines are a normal part of our immune system. They are immune system cells that race to a site of injury or infection. After which, they signal the body to send more immune system cells. As a result, the body protects itself from infectious diseases and heals injuries. But, when these cytokines get out of control and activate a hyper inflammatory state, the body starts to destroy and kill its own cells.

Cytokine storm responsible for majority of severe COVID cases and death.

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Accordingly, the majority of COVID patients die, not from the destructions of their lungs and organs from the virus itself, but rather from the out-of-control cytokine storm immune response. Therefore, physicians now prescribe anti-inflammatory corticosteroid medication for COVID to try to keep the immune response in line and prevent this cytokine storm.

Puzzling fact: Men are more than twice as likely to die from COVID than woman?

Why do men have such a higher rate of morbidity and mortality from COVID than woman? The answer lies in the sex hormone, Testosterone.

Testosterone is the body’s natural anti-inflammatory steroid. In fact, testosterone helps the body regulate the immune response. Therefore, as a result of low testosterone levels in men, the immune response can rage out of control. In other words, Low T levels fuel the cytokine storm which can be fatal.

Consequently, low testosterone levels put men at a higher risk of the devastating inflammatory cytokine storm associated with COVID lung failure and death. In contrast, this study showed no association in women with COVID-19 severity and hormone levels.

Simply Men’s Health Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Now there is even more reason for men to get their testosterone levels checked. Testosterone is not only crucial for overall health and sexual vitality in men, but also can save your life if exposed to COVID.

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