Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options

Non Surgical Hair Restoration Boca Raton, FL

Many prefer non-surgical hair restoration to go through painful hair transplant surgery. Restoring healthy hair can even be more stressful through surgery. That is why non-invasive methods are becoming more popular. If you want to know more about the available options in non-surgical hair restoration, here are the details.

LLLT(low-level laser therapy)

This is a new option for treating hair loss. Studies show that LLLT is effective in both women and men. This non-surgical hair restoration option stimulates the anagen phase re-entry. It increases the growth rate in anagen follicles and extends the anagen phase. LLLT also prevents the development of the catagen phase.

Some scientists believe that this treatment may stimulate the mitochondria. This changes the cell’s metabolism. Others speculate that LLLT can open up potassium channels. This treatment is often available in hair loss clinics. But some patients prefer using it at home.

This non-surgical hair restoration option is available in the form of helmets and combs. The FDA approved the laser comb for men back in 2007. It approved the same product for women in 2011. In-office and home laser devices both show good results. The FDA approved the laser helmets as well.


This is an effective non-surgical hair restoration treatment for balding and thinning hair. It has been used in treating wrinkles and scarring for years. Microneedling on the scalp has changed the lives of many patients. It inflicts tiny wounds on the scalp. This is part of scalp healing and repair.

Inflammation triggers the production of new cells. The new cells have healthy hair follicles. They give way to the sprouting of strong, healthy hair. Regular microneedling can result in more hair growth.

Scalp tension reduction device

Studies say that androgen sensitivity and DHT contribute to hair loss and hair thinning. But scalp tension is the culprit. Scalp tension happens when the scalp muscles constrict for an extended period. Mental and physical stress can trigger this. Scalp tissue inflammation often follows. The body sends specific hormones to the inflamed area to stop the swelling and discomfort.

DHT is one of these hormones. Some people have DHT sensitivity. This causes a balding pattern in people with hair loss issues. A scalp tension reduction device works like a scalp massage. It loosens the tissues near the muscles. This reduces inflammation and relaxes the scalp muscles.

Healthy food choices

Eating the right foods can result in a balanced internal environment. Positive changes in the body may start to happen with this non-surgical hair restoration. This may include the regrowth of hair. Hair follicles need nutrients and oxygen. Blood delivers these to the follicles. Making some changes in the diet does not need to be overwhelming.

Eating more seeds, nuts, and whole grains is a good start. Adding whole grains, leafy greens, and lean meat can make the diet more hair-friendly. A person does not need to remove favorite foods as long as they are healthy. Healthy hair and scalp may be several servings away.

The right non-surgical hair restoration treatment option can bring back those thick locks

Results from each non-surgical hair restoration option depend on the patient. One treatment may not have the same success for all the people who try it. That is why you must be open to trying a combination of treatments. An appointment at a hair loss clinic can start your path toward thicker, healthier hair.

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