PRP for Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Non Surgical Hair Restoration Boca Raton, FL

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a non-surgical hair restoration technique. Most patients prefer a non-invasive way to regain healthy and strong locks. PRP is one of the effective and quick non-surgical hair restoration methods that do not need surgery. If you want to know more about PRP, here are the details.

What PRP therapy is

PRP for hair thinning and hair loss consists of three steps. First, the hair loss doctor will draw blood from the patient. Processing the blood comes next. A centrifuge will separate the plasma from the other blood components. The doctor will inject the PRP into the patient’s scalp.

Studies show that PRP non-surgical hair restoration injections stimulate natural hair growth. It can also maintain the growth of hair by increasing the supply of blood. Hair follicles with a rich supply of nutrients become thick and strong. Hair doctors can combine this technique with medications or other non-surgical hair restoration treatments.

How it works

This treatment uses PRP. Obtaining this blood component needs the extraction of the patient’s fresh blood. The amount of blood is equal to the amount an ordinary lab test needs. Processing the blood involves placing it in a test tube. Then, its components separate by means of a centrifuge. The hair doctor needs plasma, which is rich in platelets.

Then, the doctor injects the PRP into the scalp. This provides growth factors and nutrients into the hair follicles. This treatment makes the follicles larger and healthier, resulting in thicker, stronger hair. Some hair clinics combine PRP with other hair growth treatments for optimal results.

The common side effect of PRP injections is pain at the injection sites. This mild soreness occurs right after the injections. It is normal to have some discomfort. This will pass in two to six hours. Doctors recommend about three treatment sessions with an interval of one month between them. Maintenance treatments should be every four to six months.

There will be a home care kit. The contents will depend on the hair clinic’s formulations. Results will start to appear about two weeks after the treatment. Full results start to become evident between five to eight months. This will continue to improve up to a year after the treatment.

PRP treatment side effects and risks

The patient might experience injury to the nerves and blood vessels. Injecting PRP into the scalp may also result in scar tissue formation, calcification of injection sites, and infection. Some patients may also experience some sensitivity to the local anesthetic. The patient must disclose any allergy history to the doctor beforehand. The doctor will recommend another hair loss treatment if the patient is a heavy smoker, has a history of drug abuse or taking blood thinners.

A non-surgical hair restoration is a non-invasive way to achieve thick, healthy hair

Hair loss is a huge concern in many people. Surgery and medication may work for some. Others need a non-surgical hair restoration procedure to have healthy and strong locks. An appointment with your hair doctor can determine which non-surgical hair restoration is for you.

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