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RejuvaWAVE®  -  Reclaim Your Sexual Vitality and Spontaneity!

Low Intensity Shockwave therapy has many application throughout medicine.  In the United States, Shockwave therapy has been used for years.  For example, lithotripsy uses high intensity shockwaves to break up gallstones and kidney stones.  In addition, low intensity shockwaves are widely used in orthopedic medicine. In fact, shockwave therapy is FDA approved for certain musculoskeltal conditions. In addition, low-intensity shockwave therapy has many applications from joint pains, chronic pain, tissue rejuvenation,scar reduction, and even fat reduction.

Although shockwave technology is widely used in medicine, what is new in the United States is the application of shockwave technology to treat Erectile Dysfunction.
Furthermore, although  ED Shockwave treatment is new to the United States, shockwave therapy for ED  has been used in Europe for over twenty years.


Simply Men's Health was the one of the first clinics to bring this ground-breaking therapy to the United States. And they were the first to introduce Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction to South Florida. Simply Men's Health RejuvaWAVE® Shockwave therapy revolutionized the treatment of ED in the United States.


RejuvaWAVE® - A NEW era in ED Treatment

In 2015, Simply Men's Health revolutionized the treatment for erectile dysfunction by introducing their exclusive shockwave therapy, RejuvaWAVE® to South Florida.

As a result of the success of RejuvaWAVE® ED Shockwave therapy, ED Shockwave Therapy spread spread throughout the industry. Consequently, there are now many similar therapies such as Gainswave, Rejuvapulse, PusleED .... Although there are now many shockwave therapies, RejuvaWAVE® is the gold-standard in acoustic shockwave erectile dysfunction therapy. The proprietary application technique exclusive to Simply Men's Health is what separates RejuvaWAVE® from other ED Shockwave therapies.


How does Shockwave Therapy work for ED?

RejuvaWAVE ED Shockwave Therapy Simply Men's Health Palm Beach Boca Raton Miami



Unlike pills that just treat the symptoms, RejuvaWAVE®,treats the root cause of the erectile dysfunction. As a result, this therapy reverses the underlying cause and restores spontaneous sexual function in over 85% of men. 


There are several ways in which RejuvaWAVE®, works to restore spontaneous sexual function:

First, the acoustic shockwaves break up plaque build up in the blood vessels and restores blood flow.

Second, the shockwaves cause micro trauma and regeneration. As a result this stimulates the regeneration and growth of new blood vessels.  So RejuvaWAVE®  shockwave therapy restores penile blood flow by breaking up plaque and growth new blood vessels.  Most men who have heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes have erectile dyfunction due to decrease blood flow.   Therefore, Shockwave therapy is a very effective treatment to restore spontaneous erections. 

Finally, shockwave therapy increases sensitivity by stimulating the regeneration of nerve tissue. Therefore, RejuvaWAVE® can even restore sexual spontaneity to men who have ED from nerve damage after prostate cancer surgery.


RejuvaWAVE®with PRP

Simply Men's Health is a pioneer in Men's Sexual Health. We revolutionized the treatment of ED with RejuvaWAVE® Shockwave.  In addition, we were the first to combine Shockwave with PRP therapy.

Shockwave therapy promotes natural healing and regeneration of tissue.  Adding PRP, magnifies the results of RejuvaWAVE®  Shockwave therapy.  

As one patient, who is in his 70's and has diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer surgery, describes his experience: RejuvaWAVE® was good. Adding Priapus Shot® turned me into Superman. !"


Learn how RejuvaWAVE® Shockwave therapy can help you

Simply Men's Health RejuvaWAVE® is cutting-edge, state-of-the-art Regenerative Medicine therapy. Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and is essentially painless.  Although it is painless, the comfort of our patients is our primary concern, we usually apply a topical numbing cream.  The therapy  is similar to getting an ultrasound, in that the acoustic waves are applied externally by a hand held wand, except it makes quite a bit of noise.

Although this technique is relatively new to the United States for ED treatment, Shockwave therapy has many applications in medicine in addition to treating Erectile Dysfunction.

Simply Men's Health specializes in men's sexual health. Not only our we the # 1 Erectile Dysfunction clinic in South Florida; in addition, we are innovators in the field Men's Sexual Health. 

Learn more about RejuvaWAVE shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Palm Beach Boca Raton Miami

Call Simply Men's Health, South Florida's Leader in Men's Sexual Health for an appointment or to learn more about our treatment options: 561-510-9482




Simply Men's Health - Reclaim Your Vitality. Leader in Men's Sexual Health and Regenerative Medicine Simply Men's Health Simply Men's Health is the leader in Men's Sexual Health and Advanced Regenerative medicine. Simply Men's Health revolutionized the treatment of ED and Peyronie's in the United States with the introduction of the RejuvaWAVE shockwave therapy and PRP Stem Cell therapies

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