The Priapus Shot Can Improve Your Sex Life

Priapus Shot Boca Raton, FL

Have you heard of the Priapus Shot®? Did you know that it can improve your confidence and sex life? This is true and it is non-invasive. 

If you have fond memories of your size and virility as a young man but you do not seem to have the same sexual appetite and satisfaction as you once did, there are now non-invasive medical techniques that can help reverse time. Most of these penis-enlarging procedures take only 30 minutes to an hour of time and end in results that are beyond satisfactory. Men who have seen a dip in their sexual performance and drive due to age, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, medications, surgery, illness or an enlarged prostate can all benefit from these solutions.

So, what is a Priapus shot?

Also known as the P-shot®, this procedure offers long-lasting penile size and performance improvements. The P-shot is a form of stem cell therapy that uses Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, from the patient’s own blood for the injection. Platelet Rich Plasma is derived from the separation of the stem cells and growth factors from the white and red blood cells. The pain-free injection of the natural, healing and regenerating PRP into the penis creates immediate results that only get better for the next two to three weeks. The results typically last six months to a year, but additional P-shots before this time can be given.

What are the results?

Patients who receive the priapus shot report longer-lasting erections, a larger penis (up to two or three inches), increased sensations, improved stamina, more self-confidence and little to no side effects. In addition to these qualities, most patients report that their partner is pleased with the results as well.

But wait, there’s more …

The P-shot can be combined with a doctor-approved and -provided vacuum pump for even more noticeable results. The vacuum pump maximizes the results of the injected PRP by stimulating the penile tissues and activating the growth of new blood vessels for a more vascular penis.

Shockwave therapy is another enhancement technique

Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy is another form of noninvasive penis size and performance enhancement. Also known as simply shock wave therapy, this procedure has been used for decades to treat conditions like chronic soft tissue injuries and bone conditions, as well as to break up kidney stones. It has only more recently been used to treat erectile dysfunction and to provide size enhancement to penises.

During a shockwave therapy session, the penis is numbed, and sound waves are passed through the erectile tissue with a handheld device. The “shock” sensation or vibration removes blockages from blood vessels that might be inhibiting erections and causes new blood vessels to grow.

In clinical studies by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, extracorporeal shock wave therapy beat traditional vacuum erectile device treatment (used for erectile dysfunction) in effectiveness (

Some men try a vacuum erectile device

For achieving and maintaining an erection without a visit to a medical office for a procedure, a more tradition option, a vacuum erectile device, also known as a vacuum constriction device, can be used. The device creates a vacuum that encourages the penis to achieve erection, and once the device has done its job, the man leaves a constriction ring around the penis to maintain the erection. While this option does not enlarge the size of the penis or provide a long-term solution, it works well for on-the-spot use.

Most of our patients prefer the P-Shot

Of all these options, the P-shot is the easiest, making it a popular choice with our patients.

Ultimately, non-medicated and non-invasive options for a more enjoyable sex life and improved self-confidence. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction or are just simply interested in improving your size and virility, simple techniques like the priapus shot can help. Call us at (561) 232-3704 for more information from Simply Men's Health.

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