Virility and Hair Loss: Are Bald Men More Virile or Does Low T Cause Hair Loss?

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Despite the popular myth of bald men are sexier and have higher testosterone levels, this is not necessarily the case.  Conversely, low testosterone does NOT cause hair loss in men.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is important in both men and women

Testosterone, an androgen hormone, is responsible for sex drive, muscle development, male characteristics and overall health.    Actually, testosterone levels vary throughout the day peaking in the morning and lowest at night.  As a matter of fact, in healthy adult men, normal testosterone levels can range from around 240 to 950 ng/dl. 

Myth: Testosterone supplements make men more virile

Contrary to widely spread belief, testosterone supplements make men more virile.  Commonly you see men stocking up on Testosterone supplements at the health food store, online of getting bootleg testosterone at the gym to beef up.   But, what men don’t realize is that while testosterone may make their muscles pop, it also makes their testicles shrivel up.  As a result, all these 30-40 year old men supplementing testosterone pumping iron in the gym, end up  destroying their fertility and virility.

Taking testosterone to bulk up in the gym causes the brain to sense adequate testosterone levels.   Therefore, the brain  signals the testicles to stop making their own testosterone.  And finally, as a result your testicles shrivel up and eventually become non-functional.

Does high Testosterone or low Testosterone cause male pattern baldness?

Testosterone indirectly affects male pattern hair loss.  But bald men are more virile is not necessarily true.  Also, bald men do not necessarily have low testosterone.   As a matter of fact, testosterone and male pattern baldness is only part of the story.   Namely, the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for male pattern hair loss.

DHT is the hormone that causes male pattern hair loss, not testosterone.

DHT Testosterone Male Pattern Hair Loss Simply Men's Health Boca Raton Palm BeachDihydrotestosterone, a derivative of testosterone, causes hair loss in men genetically predisposed to male pattern hair loss.   Unlike testosterone that is found throughout the body affecting many aspects of our health, DHT  is only found in skin, hair follicles and in the prostate.   An enzyme called 5- alpha reductase converts testosterone to DHT in men. Therefore, male pattern hair loss is not due to high or low levels of testosterone.  Rather, in conclusion, what causes hair loss in men is the sensitivity of the hair follicle to DHT.  Often, this sensitivity of the hair follicle to DHT is genetically determined.  Furthermore, bald men are not more manly or virile.

The truth about male pattern hair loss and testosterone.

While testosterone is involved in male pattern baldness, it is not the actual level of testosterone (high or low), but rather it is how much DHT your body produces.   And in addition, how sensitive your hair follicles are to the testosterone derivative, DHT.  Consequently, since not all follicles are susceptible to DHT, a  bald man can still grow a beard and have body hair.

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