What Causes ED in Men?

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual disorder that men deal with. If you face this health concern, it can be difficult or impossible for you to have sex. The more you understand what causes these problems, the more likely you can overcome them and enjoy a healthy intimate relationship with your partner. There are steps both you and your doctor can take to control or prevent erectile dysfunction.

The impact of erectile dysfunction

When a man has erectile dysfunction, the penis does not get firm enough for sexual intercourse. Occasional challenges with this should not be alarming for the person. However, if this persists and is frequent or always occurs, the person should seek medical attention. The inability to get and maintain an erection can affect a person’s self-esteem. It can cause anxiety and depression, and it may have negative consequences on relationships. It may even diminish a person’s desire to have sex.

Psychological causes

Not all issues with erectile dysfunction are related to physiological problems. Some patients may encounter mental or emotional obstacles to getting an erection. Men with depression or other mental health disorders can have difficulty getting hard enough for sex. Other factors such as stress can trigger sexual feelings that lead to the dysfunction. If couples are fighting or have had negative sexual experiences in the past, chances are greater for ED to show up.


The main cause of erectile dysfunction is poor blood flow to the penis. When this occurs, it cannot get the necessary firmness for penetration and eventual intercourse. People with weight problems often experience these challenges. When a man has an unhealthy weight or body mass index, erection issues may occur during foreplay and sex.

Problems sleeping

Consistently having a good night’s rest is important for many functions of the body and mind. It is no different with sex. Men who consistently get less than seven hours of sleep a night are more prone to experiencing erectile dysfunction. Interrupted sleep patterns can also have an effect.

Tobacco and alcohol use

Doctors advise patients of all ages to avoid tobacco and to limit the consumption of alcohol. Many people understand the problems both these can cause, but some men may not realize that such usage can affect their performance in the bedroom. Drinking excessively and smoking can cut down on the necessary blood flow to the penis. Even if men who use these substances can get an erection, it may be weak and still lead to erectile dysfunction.

Heart problems

Many men who have issues with erectile dysfunction also struggle with their heart health. Heart disease, high blood pressure and clogged blood vessels are common causes of ED. People who suspect these conditions should seek treatment for these ailments first.

Get back to enjoying sex

You can enjoy a healthy sexual relationship once again. You should not have to avoid this pleasurable, relationship-building experience. Your doctor can help and provide the right treatment. You can also figure out what is causing erectile dysfunction in your life and make the necessary adjustments.

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