Why ShockWAVE Treatment for ED Is a Good Option

Shockwave Treatment Boca Raton, FL

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), then a ShockWAVE Treatment may be a good option for you. This treatment has been around for many years to help with everything from wound healing to other injuries. People have used ShockWAVE treatment to improve the healing of damaged tendons, ligaments and bone fractures. Now, you can get this treatment for vasculogenic ED. Read on to learn more about this treatment.

When to choose ShockWAVE treatment

ShockWAVE treatment can be a good option for men who have mild to moderate ED. Men who have successfully used phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors medications before can benefit from this treatment. ShockWAVE treatment is not known to be dangerous for the patients. The reason this is a good option is that it can boost blood flow to the area.

Men who have nerve damage in the pelvic area may not experience as much success with ShockWAVE treatment. The treatment will not bring enough blood flow to the area to make a difference. Sometimes, ED is caused by psychological causes. A ShockWAVE treatment will not make a difference here either.

Boosting blood flow

A good erection requires a strong blood supply. Anything that limits the blood flow can cause a form of ED. Both diabetes and heart disease are common culprits of ED. With a ShockWAVE treatment, a technician will use a device that delivers mild shocks to the penis. According to many studies, this treatment can help new blood vessels grow. Animal studies have shown that the treatment can also bring stem cells to the penis.

There was a recent study on ShockWAVE treatment that involved about 900 men who had vasculogenic ED. This was a meta-analysis of 10 controlled randomized trials. The ShockWAVE treatment was compared against a false treatment. The researchers found that ShockWAVE treatment significantly improved the patients’ blood flow. The treatment also improved the measures of erectile function.

Results from ShockWAVE treatment

More research is needed on the treatment to find the right treatment protocol. However, some doctors recommend getting the treatment once every six weeks. Each treatment will usually last somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes. About 95% of patients do not experience pain during the procedure. Most patients will not need anesthesia.

Studies have shown that the treatment is a success for about 62% of the time. Success is defined as going from no erections to being able to penetrate during intercourse. Another definition of a successful treatment involves having PDE5 inhibitors that work well. After the treatment, patients will generally continue to experience the benefits for at least a year after this.

Visit a doctor for ShockWAVE treatment

Getting treated for ED can change your life for the better. This treatment can restore penile function, allowing patients to have better relationships. If you have experienced success with PDE5 inhibitors in the past, then you may find that ShockWAVE is also successful. Contacting a doctor today will allow you to experience the benefits of living without ED any longer.

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