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Sexual wellness is an important component of healthy relationships. It focuses on many things including sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction can occur when an issue prevents you from enjoying sexual activity. Both men and women of all ages can experience sexual dysfunction. Although the chances increase as an individual gets older. Read on to learn more about the causes of male sexual dysfunction and the common treatments.

Sexual wellness and male sexual dysfunction

There are different types of male sexual dysfunction. These include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and delayed or inhibited ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man cannot get an erection to have sex. Premature ejaculation is ejaculation that happens either immediately or before penetration.


Both physical and psychological problems can cause sexual dysfunction in men. Many medical and physical conditions often cause sexual problems. These include blood vessel disorders, diabetes and low testosterone levels. Alcoholism and drug abuse can be a cause as well.

It can also be due to the side effects of particular medications. Psychological causes include depression and feelings of guilt. Stress and anxiety are also causes of sexual dysfunction. The effects of past sexual trauma or marital or relationship problems can cause it too.

Treatment options

Treating the physical and mental problems that cause sexual dysfunction can help. There are many types of treatment that may be suitable for sexual dysfunction. There are drugs available that can help improve sexual function. This can occur by increasing blood flow to the penis. If medications are causing the condition, the health care provider may prescribe an alternative.

Hormone replacement therapies can raise low testosterone levels. These therapies can include gels, patches or injections. Psychological therapy can also be beneficial. A counselor can help a person to address issues that may affect sexual function. Mechanical aids may also be of benefit to some men with erectile dysfunction.


It is not possible to prevent male sexual dysfunction. But a doctor can help a person find the causes of the dysfunction. This will, in turn, help the patient to better understand and deal with the problem when it happens. There are several things a person can do to maintain good sexual function. These include limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking and eating a healthy diet.

People can benefit from exercise as well. Open and regular communication with a partner is very important. A partner’s understanding and compassion might be the key to reverse the situation. It may be necessary to receive treatment for psychological or emotional problems. Following the doctor’s treatment plan for any health conditions is also a good idea.


If you have a sexual problem that needs medical attention, talk to a health care professional. It is also important to be open about the symptoms. This will increase the chances of receiving the care you need. If you need help with a sexual problem, contact a wellness center near you. Schedule an appointment today and start enjoying sexual wellness in your life again.

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