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Simply Men’s Health is South Florida’s most trusted clinic for men’s sexual health.  We are leaders in the field of men’s sexual health and . We offer state-of-the-art men’s sexual health services

As a matter of fact, we revolutionized the treatment of ED when we brought the European ED Shockwave treatment to the US.  Not only did we introduce ED shockwave therapy, but due to our vast clinic experience, we perfected our exclusive protocol, RejuvaWAVE®.  Since RejuvaWAVE®, shockwave therapy for ED has become very popular with versions like Gainswave®, Corewave, Nuwave, RejuvaPulse … popping up everywhere.   Regardless, Simply Men’s Health RejuvaWAVE® remains the gold-standard acoustic pressure wave treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common men’s sexual health issue

Although most men won’t admit it, the majority of men will experience some form of ED after the age of 60.  In fact, erectile dysfunction even affects men as early as in their 20’s.   After that, ED affects about 10% of men with each decade of life.  Therefore, by age 80 over 80% of men experience problems in the bedroom.

Men’s sexual health services and treatments throughout the ages

Since the earliest of time, Man has been obsessed with maintaining their virility.  For instance, as early as the eighth Century, men of Ancient Rome and Greece wore talismans of rooster and goat genitalia. Throughout time man has continued this obsession with lotions, potions, and devices

Next, in the 1800s, Vincent Marie Mondat developed the first vacuum erection pump. And, still, to this day men continue to use pumps. Then, in the early 1900s, doctors introduced the first penile implant using rib cartilage and bone.  Despite coming a long way since then, penile implants are a last resort. Finally, in 1998 the little blue pill revolutionized the sex life of many men. But, all to quickly men discovered, even if they could tolerate the side effects, the glory of the little blue pill quickly faded

The NEW WAVE in Men’s Sexual Health Treatment

Although EPAT Shockwave has been successfully used in Europe for over 25 years, Simply Men’s Health was one of the first clinics to use this technique in the United States. Actually, we revolutionized the treatment of ED with their exclusive RejuvaWAVE®. Also, we developed a number of most cutting-edge treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and men’s sexual health detailed below.

Call us at 561-510-9482 to schedule an appointment and learn if Simply Men’s Health Men’s Sexual Treatments can turn back the clock and restore your spontaneous sexual vitality.

Simply Men’s Health Men’s Sexual Health Services

RejuvaWAVE® ED Shockwave Treatment

Just as the little blue pill changed men’s sex life’s in the 20th Century, likewise, RejuvaWAVE® restores men’s sexual spontaneity in the 21st Century. This technique using low-intensity shock waves was first developed in Europe over 25 years ago. But, Simply Men’s Health was one of the first to introduce this technology, RejuvaWAVE® ED shockwave therapy in the United States, long before there were Gainswave® or ED wave therapies. Unlike the little blue pill that only treats symptoms, RejuvaWAVE ® treats and reverses the underlying cause. Therefore, in contrast to traditional medical treatments, ED shockwave, and aims to cure erectile dysfunction and restore spontaneity.

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Peyronie’s Disease Treatments

Although previously unheard of, due to all the media ads, Peyronie’s Disease or PD is quickly becoming a household word. It is believed, that as either a result of an injury or genetic causes, scar tissue and plaque form in the penis. Due to the fibrous tissue, the penis develops a curve or bend. Over time, this bend progresses and sexual intercourse becomes painful or even impossible. Traditional therapies like Xiaflex or surgery are painful and often don’t work. Furthermore, if they do straighten the bend, they often leave you with worse erectile dysfunction.

Simply Men’s Health uses a combination of advanced, PRP and RejuvaWAVE® to naturally reverse Peyronie’s Disease.

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Priapus Shot®(PRP) RejuvaEnhancement™ Procedure

Since Dr. Runels developed the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Priapus Shot®, PRP has become a very popular treatment. At Simply Men’s Health, we have supercharged the P-Shot® by combining it with our RejuvaWAVE®. Not only does the PRP procedure work by itself as a treatment, but, in addition, it enhances the effectiveness of RejuvaWAVE® shockwave therapy.

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Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy ICP Trimix Injection ED Treatment

Imagine having an erection that lasts for 20, 60, or 90 minutes or longer? Then, you may say: What? Stick a needle where? But contrary to common belief, ICP injections in the penis are not painful. As a matter of fact, you are not really injecting yourself with a needle. Rather, you are using an auto-injector. Actually, it’s as simple as clicking a ballpoint pen. As a result of Simply Men’s Health's customized ICP injection treatment, you can get your sex life back tomorrow. Guaranteed results on your first visit or the visit are free.

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Low-T Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As early as the 19th-century doctors realized the important role testosterone plays in erectile dysfunction. In fact, a French neurologist, Dr. Brown-Séquard, even injected himself with extracts made from testicles of dogs and guinea pigs. We have come a long way since then. Traditional medicine offers Low-T treatments such as shots, creams, gel, and even troches. Men even get bootlegged testosterone at the gym in an attempt to beef up their virility. But, when not done properly under experienced medical supervision, testosterone replacement can result in bad side effects. 

In contrast to traditional medicine, we at Simply Men’s Health implement bio-identical testosterone hormone replacement therapy with time-released pellets. That is to say, we aim to restore physiological testosterone hormone balance, without shots, pills, or messy creams and gels. Also, of importance, Testosterone is not just a sex hormone for libido. In addition, testosterone is essential for your overall health.

Testosterone is more than just a sex hormone. Not only does testosterone affect your libido, but it is also essential for your overall health. We offer bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy. Moreover, our Testosterone Replacement does NOT involve shots, pills, or messy gels and creams.

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Premature Ejaculation Therapy

Although not as common as Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation (PE) affects men of all ages.  For some PE can be a lifelong problem.  In contrast, PE and be a new issue often accompanying erectile dysfunction issues.  If your PE is a recent onset problem, you need to be evaluated to determine the underlying cause.

Premature ejaculation occurs when you climax before or just shortly after penetration. Simply Men’s Health has guaranteed treatments, or the visit is free, that can solve PE in just one visit

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We have successfully treated thousands of men like you suffering from Men’s Sexual Health issues. At Simply Men’s Health, we have helped patients, like you, regain their sexual vitality, even in just ONE appointment. We have a 98% success rate and guarantee that we can induce a response with a test dose on your first visit, or the visit is free.

In addition, we have a number of ground-breaking advanced treatments including ED Shockwave. These treatments can turn back the clock and give you back a spontaneous sex life.

To learn more about our treatment and see how it can help you, contact us at 561-510-9482 today. Schedule an appointment to begin your path toward healing and living your life to the fullest.



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