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Even if you are at your wit’s end and have “tried it all” without success, we guarantee results with our intracavernous pharmacotherapy quadmix and trimix ED injections. Simply Men’s Health, with locations in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, guarantees an IMMEDIATE response with our in-office test dose or the visit is free.

At Simply Men’s Health, we give individualized attention to each patient. Specifically, our physicians design and recommend a customized treatment plan. Our goal is to REVERSE the underlying cause and restore spontaneity. Even though we aim to CURE your ED, the body takes time to restore, renew, and grow new blood vessels. Therefore, as part of Simply Men’s Health treatment plan, we may offer the option of customized compounded Quadmix or Trimix ED medications. In addition to helping accelerate the restorative process, best of all, ICP gives you immediate results.

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You can be ONE visit away from enjoying a great sex life again with our 98% success rate trimix ED options!

Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy customized Trimix and Quadmix

Guaranteed Results

ICP injections have a long established track record of safety and efficacy in treating ED. In fact, the FDA approved injection therapy long before the little blue pill. ICP is a very popular form of treatment, especially for men with medical conditions who cannot take oral medications,

Often, the first response is what? I’m going to stick a needle where? But after receiving an in-office test dose one quickly changes his mind. Furthermore, as a result of seeing an immediate result, patients become fans. Not to mention, that you don’t actually stick a needle into your penis with ICP. Rather, we give you auto injectors which make the process painless.

Besides being a choice for men who can not take or tolerate pills, our physicians also recommend ICP for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Since these injections induce an erection that stays firm even after climax, even men with PE can last long enough to completely satisfy their partner during intercourse.

In summary, ICP is a safe and proven choice for men who can not take pills or for whom the pills no longer work and for men PE. In addition, at Simply Men’s Health we often recommend ICP along with our RejuvaWAVE®. First ICP allows you to have sex immediately while your body is healing. Second, the ICP enhances the healing process of our restorative therapies.


Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy (ICP) Quadmix & Trimix Q&A

What is Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy (ICP): Quadmix and Trimix ED Solutions?

Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy (ICP) is a safe and effective custom compounded formulation of medication. As a result of being delivered directly into the penis to increase blood flow giving, it gives you an immediate erection without side effects. Our experienced medical providers always listen to your needs and desires. Accordingly, they can customize your formula to give you an erection that lasts from 30 minutes to even an hour or longer.

Won’t sticking a needle there hurt?

Actually, most patients say that the injection is essentially painless. First, you are not actually sticking a needle into your penis. Instead, we supply an auto-injector that is painless and foolproof. Second, you will be trained to inject yourself at the base of your penis. In fact, there are very few nerve endings in the base. Although men are justifiably scared before their in-office test dose, most report that they didn’t even feel anything. Only after a few minutes when they get an erection, do they know for sure they received an ICP injection.

What does an ICP induced erection feel like?

In comparison to a spontaneous erection, an ICP induced erection feels just like a healthy, natural erection. However, there are several differences. First, you can rest assured you will get an erection when desired. Second, you can decide how long you would like it to last. Finally, unlike a natural erection that subsides after ejaculation, ICP-induced erections do not go down after climax. Rather, they last until the medication wears off. Therefore, an advantage is you can last longer to please your partner or have sex multiple times.

When and Why Would I Want to Use ICP Therapy?

Since ICP has a long, proven safety history and a 98% success rate, there are many reasons to consider ICP such as:

  • If you can not achieve or maintain a firm erection for intercourse
  • When Viagra or pills no longer work for you or cause too many unpleasant side effects
  • If you have medical contraindications to using Viagra or pills
  • Our goal is to CURE ED and restore spontaneity. Restorative therapies take time to heal and grow new blood vessels. Therefore, if you do not get adequate erections for sexual intercourse, you may want to use ICP. First ICP allows you to enjoy IMMEDIATE results. Second, these trimix and quadmix injections enhance the effectiveness of RejuvaWAVE®


What are the advantages of custom-compounded trimix and quadmix over pills and other treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many advantages to ICP. To summarize, the following are some of these advantages:

  • ICP works almost instantly. Therefore, you can always count on an immediate, reliable response! As a result, you can enjoy great sex again in one day.
  • Custom-blended medications (ICP) are administered locally. As a result, men who may have contraindications to pills or other treatments can use ICP.
  • Since ICP is administered directly into the penis, you do not experience the unpleasant side effects of headaches and stuffy nose.
  • Importantly, they work almost instantly and work even when the pills have stopped working.

In conclusion, ICP is the most reliable way to help men achieve rigid and lasting erections. Namely, trimix injections take away performance anxiety, because you can be confident of maintaining your erection. And most of all, ICP helps with both ED and Premature Ejaculation


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