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Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine: Repair, Regenerate, Renew!

Harness Your Body’s Innate Power to Heal Itself and Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body.

Stem Cell and Exosome Therapies are advanced regenerative medicine therapies that can help reverse aging, chronic disease and help the body heal itself

Stem Cell Regenerative medicine Therapies at Simply Men's Health West Palm Beach and Boca Raton

Stem cell therapy is one of the most amazing advancements of the 21st century in medicine. This Advanced Regenerative therapy helps promote healing and regeneration of cells in the body. Simply Men’s Health REJUVAnation Medical Center provides advanced regenerative medicine therapies including stem cells, exosomes, Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), RejuvaWAVE®, and peptide therapies.

There are many conditions such as arthritis, hair loss, erectile dysfunction commonly accepted as a normal consequence of aging. Due to advances in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine, you no longer have to accept these degenerative conditions as a natural part of the aging process.

Simply Men’s Health REJUVAnation Medical Center, serving West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Miami Dade County, offers state-of-the-art stem cell treatments. Our experienced physicians use stem cell therapy to harness the body’s healing powers to REPAIR, REGENERATE, and RENEW damaged tissues throughout your body. These therapies represent significant advancements over traditional medicine. Traditional medicine only offers symptom relief while the underlying degenerative aging process continues. On the other hand, regenerative medicine promotes the healing and regeneration of new tissue, thereby stopping and reversing the degenerative aging process. With stem cell therapy, we can help patients maintain a more youthful appearance while easing the aches and pain of aging

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Stem Cell Therapy and Advanced Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the future of medicine.  This NEW emerging field focuses on harnessing your body’s own natural healing potential to repair, regenerate and renew diseased or injured tissues.  Regenerative medicine shifts your body into a healing state. Specifically, it stimulates the growth of new healthy tissue reversing the underlying cause of disease.  As a result, regenerative medicine therapies alleviate pain and suffering, slow or reverse the effects of aging, and ultimately improve your quality of life.  In contrast, traditional medicine just uses a “band-aid” approach treating symptoms while the underlying disease progresses.

At Simply Men’s Health not only do we restore men’s vitality, but, in addition, our REJUVAnation Medical Center offers ground-breaking regenerative therapies for both men and women. We combine state-of-the-art Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), Stem Cells, Exosomes, Peptides and RejuvaWAVE® to reawaken your body’s healing process.

What conditions can regenerative medicine stem cell therapy treat?

At Simply Men’s Health REJUVAnation Medical Center, we combine stem cell treatment with the most cutting-edge regenerative therapies to maximize healing. Our goal is for our patients to truly live life to the fullest, pain free. Stem cell therapies help ease the aches and pains of aging, reverse chronic disease, and help you maintain a more youthful appearance. Our experienced physicians treat a number of conditions with stem cell therapy including:


Arthritis, Joint Pains, and Sports Injuries

Walk, run, golf, and swim again PAIN FREE! Avoid surgery and repair injured tissue and degenerative disease. Stem cell therapies help your body repair and regenerate injured tissues such as joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and bone. Whether you are suffering from age related degeneration, even bone on bone, or sports injuries, or broken bones, stem cell therapy can help.


Degenerative Diseases

We are born with billions of stem cells, but as we age these cells rapidly decline in number and ability to divide. Therefore our body loses the ability to repair, regenerate, and heal itself. As a result, with advancing age, we develop a number of degenerative diseases. Stem Cell therapy can reawaken our innate healing capacity, and, thereby, reverse and even prevent degenerative diseases associated with aging.


Non-surgical Hair Restoration

Simply Men’s Health offers an exclusive multi-faceted approach, RejuvaHair™, to regrow your own hair and prevent further hair loss. Stem cells and PRP therapy promote the regeneration of hair follicle cells and provide patients with non-surgical hair restoration.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Simply Men’s Health revolutionized the treatment of ED with the introduction of the regenerative medicine treatment, RejuvaWAVE®. In addition, we also offer the PRP Priapus Shot® and Stem Cell Exosome therapies, which work synergistically with RejuvaWAVE®. Besides curing erectile dysfunction, these regenerative medicine treatments also help to enhance one’s sexual performance, increase pleasure, and enlarge the size of the penis.


Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s Disease is a progressive condition in which the penis curves due to scar tissue and plaque. By breaking up scar tissue and regenerating new healthy tissue, regenerative medicine straightens out the bend. At Simply Men’s Health, we combine PRP P-Shot®, Stem Cells, and RejuvaWAVE® to treat Peyronie’s Disease.


Facial Rejuvenation

As a result of a decreased ability to repair and renew cells, wrinkles develop with aging. While there are many store-bought products, our REJUVAnation Medical Center division offers more effective solutions. Our regenerative medicine stem cell solutions treat the source of the wrinkles beneath the skin. PRP, stem cells and exosomes therapies help remove wrinkles, reduce acne scarring, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and tighten the skin.

Summary of Conditions that Benefit from Stem Cell and Exosome Therapy

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy is the future of medicine. In fact, multiple regenerative stem cell therapies are being used in many medical specialties. To summarize, the following are conditions we treat with amniotic and umbilical allografts and regenerative medicine


  • Arthritis
  • Sport’s Injuries
  • Degenerative Arthritis of all types
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • ligament injuries
  • Knee, Elbow and Shoulder pain
  • Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Men & Woman’s Hair Loss
  • Facial Rejuvenation – Wrinkles
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Chronic Degenerative Diseases
  • COPD and lung conditions
  • Organ Failure – Heart, Kidney
  • Lyme Disease
  • Neuropathy
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Stroke recovery
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anti-aging IV infusions


What is a Stem Cell?

Stem Cells are the FUTURE of Medicine and may hold the key to unlocking our body's healing potential

What is a STEM cell?

Stem cells are our body’s master cells. They are specialized cells within our body that have the potential to replicate and grow into over 200 cell types and tissues found in our body.

First, stem cells migrate to injured and diseased tissue. Next, they release signals, packaged in little vesicles called exosomes. These signals then stimulate our body’s healing capacity to repair, regenerate, and renew tissues.

Problems arise because as we age, the number of these stem cells and their ability to replicate dramatically decreases. As a result, our body loses its capacity to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. Consequently, degenerate and chronic diseases, commonly associated with aging, develop. Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies focus on reawakening our own body’s regenerative and healing abilities…. perhaps in the future leading to discovering the proverbial “Fountain of Youth?”.

What are the different types of Stem Cell?

Stem cells differ from other cells in our body because they maintain the capacity to divide and turn into other types of tissue. When talking about stem cell therapies, there are essentially two main types of stem cells.

Pluripotent Embryonic Stem Cells

First, there are pluripotent embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells, derived from aborted fetuses, not only raise ethical concern but, also, may be dangerous. Due to the fact that they may over-replicate, they could cause tumors. Lastly, they are banned in the United States. Yet, many Americans travel to foreign countries for embryonic stem cells. Needles to say, we NEVER use embryonic stem cells.

Multipotent Stem cells

The second type is MULTIPOTENT or “limited” stem cells. These stem cells can either come from your own body, “adult stem cells,” or from the “after-birth” of full term babies. Most importantly, multipotent stem cells know when to shut off. Most importantly, unlike embryonic cells, are safe and do not show the potential to form tumors.

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are the newest forefront in Regenerative Medicine. Actually, they are the way stem cells send messages to damaged and injured cells to heal and regenerate. Exosomes are little vesicles released by stem packed with billions of potent growth, anti-inflammatory and healing factors, released by stems.

Unlike stem cells, which are too large, exosomes are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, exosomes show promise in treating neurological conditions such as stroke recovery or Alzheimer’s.

Why use amniotic or umbilical derived stem cell allografts rather than your own fat or bone marrow stem cells?

Stem Cells Advanced Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Not all stem cell therapy transplants are equivalent. Adult Stem cells are derived from your own body, namely from bone marrow or fat tissues. Since our own stem cells decrease in number and lose their capacity to divide with age, we do not use adult stem cells in our practice. In addition, harvesting these cells is an invasive, painful procedure with a high rate of side effects.

At Simply Men’s Health REJUVAnation Medical Center, we only use multipotent stem cells derived from the placenta, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, and Wharton’s Jelly. (Wharton’s Jelly is the sticky, gel-like substance protecting the umbilical cord and has an extremely high concentration of mesenchymal stem cells.) These tissues are rich in stem cells and growth factors because they supported the growth and health of a growing fetus. Therefore, compared to adult stem cells, placental allografts have the highest concentrations of live mesenchymal stem cells, exosomes, growth factors, healing factors, cytokines, and peptides. Furthermore, these placenta stem cells provide the best results for healing and regeneration.

How are these amniotic and umbilical allografts obtained?

These after birth tissues are obtained from healthy, consenting, thoroughly-screened, women under the age of 35. These women all chose to have an elective c-section. In order to ensure the highest level of patient safety, these placental tissues are harvested following all FDA guidelines. In addition, these stem cell allografts are processed and stored in FDA registered and certified laboratories.

Are stem cell regenerative medicine procedures safe?

These stem cells allografts are safe, and there no issues with rejection since they do not have HLA antigens. Extensive research supports the efficacy and safety of amniotic and umbilical derived allografts. In fact, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons have been using these allografts for about 20 years. Moreover, all donors go through a rigorous screening process, as determined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

What is the difference between PRP and Stem Cells?

PRP is platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood and contains about 8-12 growth factors, but does not contain stem cells. Comparatively, amniotic or umbilical allografts contain 100’s of growth factors along with living message signaling cells, cytokines, and other regenerative elements. PRP is helpful in regenerative medicine. Primarily, PRP procedures complement and enhance other regenerative therapies such as RejuvaWAVE®, but it is not a stem cell therapy.

Does insurance cover regenerative medicine procedures?

Insurance does not currently cover regenerative medicine procedures, for the most part, Therefore, procedures are considered a fee for service.

Will I benefit from regenerative medicine stem cell therapy?

To determine if you qualify for stem cell therapy, our physicians at Simply Men’s Health REJUVAnation Medical center will review your medical records, medical history, and conduct a physical exam. Then we will develop a customized treatment plan.

Stem cell and regenerative medicine is the future! Almost anyone can benefit from regenerative medicine treatments, either to reverse disease or to prevent age-related degeneration.

Why should I choose stem cell therapy over other options for joint pain?

Stem cell allografts go far beyond the benefits of standard “injection therapy” for joint pain. While cortisone and other drugs only provide temporary pain relief, stem cells actually REPAIR, REGENERATE, and RENEW degenerated and damaged tissue. In addition, they provide immediate pain relief by naturally decreasing inflammation, similar to cortisone shots, but without the steroids. Rather, these allografts rely on naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties like cytokines. Additionally, these stem cell injections contain hyaluronic acid, which lubricates joints and tendons and also contributes to pain relief.

Therefore, before you undergo the knife, or get more cortisone shots, you should consider stem cell regenerative therapies first. Imagine walking, running, and playing golf again, pain free.

What results can I expect from stem cell therapy? Will it heal or cure my condition?

Although we do no promote stem cell therapy as the “miracle cure,” we have seen amazing, even miraculous results. For example, we have had many patients cured of  ED or Peyronie’s Disease, knee-replacement surgeries canceled (even bone-on-bone), fractures healed in days rather than weeks, almost wheel-chair bound walking without pain, and even heart failure reversed.

Since everyone heals at their own pace, we cannot make any promises or guarantees. However, most patients will see improvements and pain relief, if not necessarily a 100% cure.  Patients may experience improvements in chronic conditions, easier breathing, greater mobility, better balance, improved memory, and better sleep. Overall, you will experience a better quality of life.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Stem cell therapy is a quick, relatively painless, non-invasive procedure. During your visit, one of our experienced physicians will inject the stem cell solution into the area needed such as a damaged joint, scalp, or penis. Alternatively, for systemic conditions or anti-aging therapies, we do IV exosome infusions.

Once the stem cells enter your body they migrate to injured tissues. Next, the stem cells release factors that decrease inflammation and stimulate the body’s healing ability. As a result, your body repairs damaged tissue and grows new cells.

What will happen after the stem cell procedure?

The procedures are all outpatient and you are able to go home typically within one to two hours or less. After the procedure, you may experience some swelling or bruising at the injection site, but there is no downtime. You can return to work that day. You may feel immediate pain relief due to the anti-inflammatory properties and hyaluronic acid. Regardless, you should take it easy for the first twenty-four hours. Afterward, you can perform activity, as tolerated.

When can I expect to see results?

Stem cell therapies promote the body to heal and regenerate, so you should not expect to see immediate results. Due to the healing process beginning, you may even feel a bit uncomfortable for the first few days. Within about 6 -12 weeks you may start to notice improvements, for some much earlier. Although peak healing potential is within 3- 6 months, some patients may continue to experience further improvement 6- 12 months following the procedure.

Each patient is a unique individual and heals at his or her own pace, Therefore, how quickly one responds or how much improvement is achieved varies greatly. since each patient is a unique individual and heals at his or her own pace. Each individual responds uniquely.


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