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Are you one of the millions of men and women waking up counting the hairs on your pillow or daily looking in the mirror watching your hair progressively get thinner and thinner? Is your hair loss affecting your confidence and self-esteem?

You don’t have to live with hair loss. You no longer have to accept hair loss as a normal part or aging or consequence of medications. There is a non-surgical alternative to hair transplant surgery.

RejuvaHair™ PRP Stem Cell Hair Restoration that can halt the progression and help you regrow a full head of healthy, vibrant hair again!

No surgery, No plugs, No transplants, No weaves or hair pieces.

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RejuvaHair™ Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Q & A

What is the RejuvaHair™ Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Protocol?

RejuvaHair ™ is proprietary, cutting-edge, non-surgical hair restoration program designed for both men and women to STOP hair loss and REGROW their own hair.



1.PRP and Placental Growth Factors and Stem Cells

RejuvaHair™ Enhanced PRP combines Platelet-Rich-Plasma concentrated from your own blood with placental growth factors, Stem Cells and Exosomes. This proprietary combination of concentrated growth factors stimulates the growth of hair follicles reversing hair minimization seen in androgenetic hair loss.

2. Capillus® Laser Cap

Capillus® Laser Cap, a FDA-cleared low-level laser treatment that is clinically proven to prevent progression of hair loss and to regrow thinning hair. The Capillus® Laser cap stimulates cellular activity and promotes increased blood flow to the scalp energizing the hair follicles inducing new, natural hair growth and it will accelerate and potentiate the PRP-Stem cell treatment. Androgenetic (male pattern hair loss) hair loss experienced by both men and woman is a lifelong progressive process. If left untreated, it worsens over time. Even hair transplants are at risk of thinning. Therefore, hair restoration treatments are a lifelong process. Capillus® Cap is the most powerful FDA-cleared Home-Laser for hair restoration and needs to be used only 6 minutes a day.

3. RejuvaHair ™ Topical Compounded Prescriptions

RejuvaHAIR™ Proprietary, individually-compounded, topical formulations to STOP and REVERSE male pattern hair loss by increasing blood flow, extending the hair growth phase, promoting hair regrowth and reducing scalp DHT levels.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There are many types of causes of hair loss from medication, stress, hormonal changes, auto-immune disease alopecia areata, to the common hereditary male pattern baldness that affects both men and woman. RejuvaHAIR™ Restoration will help in all of these conditions by Repairing, Regenerating and Renewing the damaged hair follicle.

Male Pattern Baldness:

Male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, is the common condition which affects most men and some women during their lifetime and is often hereditary. Thinning of the scalp hair often start slowly in men in their early 20’s and by the age of 50, according to the American Hair Loss Association, about 85% of men will have significant hair thinning.

Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is correlated with high levels of DHT on the scalp. DHT is thought to penetrate the scalp and cause hair follicle miniaturization, a phenomenon in which follicles become smaller and eventually incapable of supporting a healthy hair growth cycle.

Recognizing Hair Loss Early:

Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to restore areas of thinning or receding hair. When caught early, both men and woman have a strong chance of stopping the progression of male pattern hair loss and restoring their hair.

Does RejuvaHAIR™ Re-Grow "NEW Hair Follicles?

No, Once the follicle is completely gone, a hair transplant is your only option.

RejuvaHair™ PRP Stem Cell treatment helps to reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicle. The PRP and Stem Cell growth factors activates your body to repair and reverse this miniaturization process, and stimulates renewal of the follicle producing longer, thicker and healthier hair fibers.

The earlier you intervene the better chance of stopping the hair loss progression and regrowing a full thick head of hair.

When can I expect to see results?

RejuvaHair™ Restoration stimulates your own body's innate healing so results vary according to your overall health and unique healing process. In general, related to the hair growth cycle, it may take up to 3- 6 months to start to see results.

How long will the benefits last?

If your hair loss was due to a sudden stressful event or medication which you no longer use, the results can be long lasting, permanent.

If you have an underlying chronic condition causing your hair loss or suffer from the most common cause, hereditary male-pattern hair loss, this is a lifelong, relentlessly-progressive condition and you will need to continue with treatment to maintain the benefits.

The restoration of your hair follicles and hair thickening from the PRP Stem Cell procedure can be maintained with the use of topical compounded solutions and the Capillus® Laser Cap. The results can last a life-time.



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