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Truly a good decision... Priced much better than Miami... Very clean and well managed group... Best of all RESULTS

-Anthony Z


I was a skeptic at first but this ED treatment truly works!  I threw my "little blue pills" right in the rash where they belong!I am a very satisfied client, and my younger girlfriend in Jax beach is even MORE satisfied on a regular basis! We recommend Simpy Men's Health Florida Medical Group to anybody looking for the best, most professional ED treatment anywhere.

-Brett C


I was skeptical of this ED treatment but my research on it seemed to indicate it was at least safe.   Decided to give it a try and after the initial visit agreed to sign up for the one year package which can include up to 4 sessions.   Each session is comprised of 6 visits usually over a 2- 3 week period.  I was treated by Amanda who was very professional and made me feel at ease.   I did not see much improvement at first, but soon after the 6th visit I seemed to be more responsive and sensitive.... and now I have improved enough to wonder if I need any additional sessions.  It appears to have Worked for me - hope it works for anyone else considering it.

-John S


At first I was skeptical.   Then I realized it's all about getting blood flow to the penis.   Obviously it will work because the sonic wave does exactly that.  I was right.  It works and I am very happy .  It's been used in Europe for 25 years. I'm only sorry I didn't do it years ago!

-Steve S


Just wanted to thank you for making me a new man. When I first came to your office I was skeptical. I was unable to maintain an erection. Thanks to the treatments at your clinic I no longer have that problem. You have truly saved my marriage and my manhood. I wanted to share with you and anyone who may experience this type of problem how wonderful and understanding everyone at your clinic has been. Again, thank you!

-Jeffery K.


I am 85 years old and could not retain an erection for the past six months. Recently, I finished my treatments on April 4, 2018. On April 7, I DID retain an erection and reached orgasm, satisfying both myself and my wife. A special thanks to the technician who treated me. He is a professional.



I have a firmer, thicker penis and a much quicker erection.

-Allen G.


I had normal ED and then a prostatectomy.  Shock wave works! If you’re skeptical don’t be, it doesn’t work on everyone, but i’m very satisfied! I am a 66 yr Old, Male and had a prostatectomy, by the “da Vinci system” on November 4, 2016. I’m also overweight and have high blood pressure which I take meds for! My surgeon prescribed daily Cialis and Viagra, if needed, all was kinda ok, but not great. I had ED before the Surgery and much worse after, along with incontinence. They have both improved, TRULY AMAZING! After the first treatment, I had very positive results. What can I say, Florida Medical Group Simply Men's Health, has made it such an easy, comfortable experience. The Supplement they offer, after you’ve had a few treatments is also amazing!   TRY IT! One of the best investments I have made in myself, lately.

- VERY HAPPY CLIENT! Delray Beach, FL, March 2019


I hope your day is going well. This morning-the first in weeks-was the first morning that I experienced a full erection as I was awakening. Yesterday morning as I was awakening, my erection was on it’s way, but never stiffened to be a full erection. It seems strange to be writing this-especially in an email, but I wanted to let you know before the weekend so you could pass on this information to Dr. Katz and the other doctor. They may find the above information helpful in what they recommend in the way of further treatment for me.
Although I had seen the box for the penis pump in the shadow box in the entrance hall to the treatment rooms, I didn’t think much about it as I had already purchased a $40.00 penis pump and thought there wouldn’t be much of a difference. However, I am EXTREMELY glad I asked you about the penis pump that Dr. Katz recommended-and then bought it from you, as the difference between it and the one I had purchased earlier for $40.00 is the difference between night and day. The quality of the clear plastic end-piece for the penis pump that Dr. Katz recommends is far better than the black rubber one-with simply a hole in it, as the clear rubber end-piece has a 1/2” inner collar around the hole which somehow much more fully allows the blood to flow into the entire penis. For some reason, the black rubber one just makes a penis feel like the outer skin is being pulled like a elongated balloon that is being filled with air.
I am ALSO VERY APPRECIATIVE of your kind, thoughtful, gentle and sensitive awareness to the way your treatment machine is reacting with my body. Whatever plaque I have in my arteries and veins in my penis is breaking up-at least in my opinion-for me to be having the erectile improvement in my penis, and I’m sure the erectile improvement will continue with the treatments I receive next week.
It wouldn’t be easy for a woman to understand what a man goes through in a situation like this, but you do a wonderful job of making me feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease in talking and experiencing these treatments and related issues.

-Your Very Appreciative Patient, Doug K


“I have had problems with ED for over 10 years and had TURP surgery for my prostate. I had gone to urologists and tried pills and nothing helped. My wife heard a commercial for Simply Men's Health. I called and made the first available appointment. I was so scared and nervous, but the staff were wonderful and understanding. Within a few weeks my wish came true and my wife and I are so ecstatic.”

- Ral S.


“I’m 65 years old on multiple medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and I’ve had a radical prostatectomy over 10 years ago for prostate cancer and since then I’ve had ED. I came to Simply Men's Health and went through their RejuvaWAVE® treatment. Over the weeks of treatment, I have experienced significant improvements and can have sex a couple of times a night.”

- Mark M.


“I’m 34 years old and started to experience problems getting an erection and maintaining it over the last couple of years. I had tried oral medications and hormones, but it didn’t help. I heard about Simply Men's Health and made an appointment not knowing what to expect. After just a couple of treatments I was getting erections, but even more amazing was that the curve in my penis straightened out. The treatment was only a few minutes and relatively painless, and the results are amazing!”

- A.B.




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