How The ED Treatment Process Works

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Living with ED can be challenging and often has a negative impact on mental, physical and social health. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available for those suffering from erectile dysfunction that can safely and effectively restore a healthy sex life. It is critical for those experiencing frequent or long-term symptoms of ED to seek professional medical evaluation in order to pursue the proper course of treatment.

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction

At an initial appointment, patients are given a physical examination and may also be evaluated for certain psychological factors or underlying health conditions. A variety of issues could result in ED, from high blood pressure and lack of exercise to unbalanced hormone levels, stress and performance anxiety. Once a doctor has determined the root cause of erectile dysfunction, a treatment plan can be developed to help the patient experience healthy erections for regular sexual intercourse.

Treatment options for ED

There are several treatment options to choose from when working to reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. A doctor may choose one or several approaches in order to achieve the desired results.

Oral medications, injections and supplements

In general, medications can be very effective in creating satisfying erections for a more active sex life. Those who do not respond well to medication may need to utilize penile injections or suppositories to create an erection for intercourse. In some situations, testosterone supplements may be recommended due to hormonal changes. Most often, a doctor tries to prescribe these medications as a temporary solution while the underlying cause is addressed.

Lifestyle changes

While prescriptions and supplements can help manufacture an erection as needed, certain lifestyle changes may facilitate more healthy erections naturally over time. Weight loss and rigorous exercise can help restore energy, balance hormone levels, relieve stress, improve circulation and boost endorphins. All of these benefits may also increase libido and improve the duration and quality of erections. Limiting alcohol consumption also plays an important role, as well as talk therapy to manage life's struggles and stressors. 

Addressing underlying conditions

In some cases, ED is caused by an underlying disease or condition that ultimately leads to impotence. High blood pressure and heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction, along with diabetes. All these medical concerns involve incredibly common yet serious health issues. Anxiety and depression can also lead to trouble maintaining erections and a drop in overall sexual arousal. When patients receive the treatment necessary to safely manage these conditions, the negative side effects such as ED may resolve on their own.

Certain medications or drug interactions could be the cause of ED as well. A simple change in brands or timing can often solve the problem.


When an individual is experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, a medical evaluation can help determine the cause of the problem and an effective solution. A doctor may recommend a combination of treatments to help improve erections both immediately and long term. Continued evaluations, coupled with lifestyle changes, may assist with restoring an active and healthy sex life.

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