PRP Therapy from a Men’s Health Clinic

ED Boca Raton, FL ED or erectile dysfunction can be an issue for some men at some point as they age. A variety of treatments are available for this condition. A men’s health clinic can offer PRP or platelet-rich therapy if you want a natural solution to your condition. If you want to know more about PRP therapy for ED, here are the details.

Important points about PRP therapy

This treatment involves the use of a person’s own platelets in correcting some health issues. It can help improve blood clotting and wound healing. PRP therapy is a common solution to joint pain, arthritis, and muscle injuries. It can also help improve sexual health in men.

Preparing for the procedure

The individual does not need to do any particular preparation for this therapy. The doctor may order a complete blood test and a physical exam. This will help determine the patient’s general health. It will also confirm the patient’s ED. The doctor will check the patient’s platelets, plasma, and other blood components.

During the appointment

PRP therapy, or the P-shot, is an outpatient treatment. The individual can enter the clinic and then leave later that same day. Taking a day off from errands, classes, or work is ideal for this ED procedure. It will allow the patient time to finish everything without being anxious about missing some things to do.The patient will lie on a treatment table and wait for the attending doctor and the clinical assistant. The doctor will first apply a numbing cream to the genital area. The patient may choose to have a local anesthetic instead. Then, the doctor will take a sample of blood from the patient. This blood will come from the arm. The blood will go straight into a test tube.The assistant will place the test tube of blood in a centrifuge. This lab equipment will separate the different components of the blood sample. It will then isolate the PRP. Extracting the PRP will be next. The doctor will place it into two syringes.The doctor will take the syringes to the treatment room. Injecting the PRP into the penile shaft will help correct ED. The process will take minutes. The patient will receive four to five injections in different areas of the shaft. The patient will need a penis pump after the treatment. This will help improve the patient’s ED.Using the pump will help draw blood into the penile shaft. This will enhance the PRP. The patient may need to use this device for about 10 minutes for a few weeks. Using the pump with care is necessary. Doing so too often for extended periods may lead to limpness and elastic tissue damage.

Correcting your ED with PRP therapy is organic and quick

ED is a condition resulting in poor sexual performance and low self-image. Specific factors may cause this. Many treatments are available for ED. One of the most popular ones is PRP therapy. This treatment uses your own blood and PRP to improve the health of your reproductive system. Your doctor will help determine if you are a good candidate for this therapy.Get more information about Simply Men’s Health in Boca Raton at

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