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Molding Videos

The video below is of a patient molding filler. The patient molds the filler for approximately 30 minutes, or until the shape looks and feels smooth, when erect.The patient will repeat this process over the next few days, morning and evening, and if there is time to during the day until all irregularities are smoothed out.Once the shape looks and feels good when erect, it is not necessary to continue the molding process.Some patients may only mold once for 10 minutes before the shape looks and feels good when erect. They can then simply check on the erect shape over the next few days without needing to mold further. There should be no sexual intercourse for 2 weeks as it may dislodge and distort the filler shape, however, it is fine to masturbate.Patients can largely ignore the shape of the penis when flaccid for 2 weeks following the procedure as the shape when flaccid will be significantly distorted by swelling.