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If you’re one of the millions of American men experiencing significant hair loss, consider hair restoration. At Simply Men’s Health, with two convenient locations in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, the team of men’s health specialists provides hair restoration treatment on-site using the proprietary RejuvaHair™ non-surgical hair restoration program. To schedule an appointment today, call the nearest office, or book a consultation online.

Hair Restoration Q & A

What is RejuvaHair™non-surgical hair restoration?

RejuvaHair non-surgical hair restoration uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells to halt the progression of hair loss and help you regrow a full head of vibrant, healthy hair. It uses a proprietary technique free of plugs and transplants to stop hair loss and encourage growth.

What is the RejuvaHair non-surgical hair restoration protocol?

The RejuvaHair non-surgical hair restoration protocol contains three unique steps:

PRP and placental growth factors and stem cells

At Simply Men’s Health, RejuvaHair treatment begins with your provider drawing a sample of blood. Your provider places your blood into a machine called a centrifuge that spins and separates the platelets from the rest of your blood. Next, your provider mixes your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with placental growth factors, stem cells, and exosomes.

They transfer the solution to a syringe and administer several injections into your scalp. The proprietary mixture stimulates the growth of new hair follicles reversing hair loss caused by male-pattern baldness.

Capillus® laser cap

After receiving your injections, you wear the Capillus laser cap. This FDA-cleared device uses low-level laser energy to prevent hair loss and promote the growth of new hair. Additionally, it stimulates cellular activity and increases blood flow to your scalp.

You can undergo treatment with the Capillus laser cap at home. To achieve the best results, the team at Simply Men’s Health recommends wearing the cap for at least six minutes each day.

RejuvaHair™ topical compounded prescriptions

To support hair restoration treatment provided by PRP injections and the Capillus laser cap, the team also writes you a prescription for a topical compounded medication. This medication is proprietary and individually formulated to your unique needs.

The topical compounded medication stops and reverses male pattern hair loss by increasing blood flow, extending the hair growth phase, and reducing scalp dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Does RejuvaHair hair restoration regrow new hair follicles?

RejuvaHair doesn’t create new hair follicles. Instead, it helps to reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicle. PRP and stem cell injections activate your body’s natural healing process. This repairs and reverses the miniaturization process, stimulating your existing follicles. Over time, your existing follicles produce longer, thicker, and healthier hair fibers.

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical hair restoration?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for non-surgical hair restoration, your Simply Men’s Health provider conducts a physical exam, reviews your medical history, and asks you a series of questions.

If you’re beginning to lose your hair, make an appointment as soon as possible. The quicker you intervene, the easier it is to restore your scalp to a healthy, vibrant condition. Schedule a hair restoration appointment at Simply Men’s Health today, call the nearest office or book a consultation online today.