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Shockwave treatment is a remedy for ED (erectile dysfunction). Several studies show this treatment’s promising results in correcting ED. Men with vasculogenic ED seem to reap the advantages of shockwave treatment. If you want to find out more about this ED treatment, here are some FAQs and their answers.

What is shockwave treatment?

Another term for this treatment is LiSWT (low-intensity shockwave therapy). This is a non-intrusive technique. It has been used in helping orthopedic patients for decades. It can heal tendons, bones, and ligaments. LiSWT can speed up wound healing. It can promote cell growth and tissue repair as well.

A successful erection happens because of good blood flow to the blood vessels supplying the penile tissue. The therapy can strengthen and repair the penile blood vessels. This enhances blood flow. The treatment results in a firm and lasting erection.

How does LiSWT work?

The patient will not need anesthetics for this treatment at all. The doctor will administer the shockwave treatment using a thin, rod-like device. Then, the doctor will move the device along the different parts of the penis for 15 minutes as it releases gentle electric pulses. These pulses trigger tissue remodeling and blood flow in the phallus. The patient can have erections sufficient for sexual activity.

What do trials and research show?

Clinical trials showed that an effective plan for the shockwave treatment was two times each week for three weeks. Then, there were no treatments for three weeks. Another three weeks of shockwave treatment two times a week followed. The effects of the treatment lasted for a year.

A 2010 study revealed that men with vasculogenic ED experienced an improvement in erectile function. The positive results became noticeable after six months of receiving shockwave treatment. Receiving the treatment was easy and consistent. The men had no adverse effects after follow-ups.

What results can a patient expect from shockwave treatment?

One session of LiSWT each week for six weeks is the standard treatment of most clinics for men with vasculogenic ED. Every treatment session lasts for about 15 minutes. At least 95% of patients do not experience pain from this treatment. Success is evident. Men from zero erections achieve 62% successful erections each time. The results of the treatment last for more than a year in some men.

Who can be a good candidate for LiSWT?

Men who have moderate vasculogenic ED are good candidates for LiSWT. Men who have nerve damage because of pelvic cancer surgery can also experience erectile improvement. Some men have ED because of psychological reasons. They do not respond to conventional ED treatments. Research shows that these patients respond well to shockwave treatment.

Shockwave treatment may be the ED solution you have been waiting for

ED is a condition affecting many men because of different reasons. Conventional treatments may work for some of them, but the rest remain helpless. That is why many are turning to shockwave treatment. This drug-free solution works for those who cannot benefit from pills, even if it still needs approval from the FDA. Some doctors are already using it off-label. An appointment with your doctor will determine if you can have shockwave treatment for your ED.

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