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Simply Men's Health always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 17 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Simply Men's Health below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Curt L.
Submitted 05/05/21
Dear Amanda, It was approximately 7 months ago that I came to you, a 67 year old male who was feeling increasingly insecure about his sexuality because of problems in maintaining an erection. What I’ve learned was that this aging process is a journey and that fathers often never conveyed the information to their sons that as men age, the “junk” gets rusty…not from lack of use so much as from our lifestyles in this 21st Century world. Like many, I tried the “supplements,” and then the ED pills which my doctor prescribed. Those pills have some nasty side effects as you know. What struck me when I walked into your clinic was the sense of normalcy that you and your staff conveyed to me. Your matter of fact, yet compassionate approach to my sense of insecurity about my “manliness” was welcomed as we sketched the treatment options. Seven months later, I feel secure in my masculinity. I am working out again…hard…with some “stretch goals.” I am again confident in my sexuality again. My self-identity is that of a sexual man. As you know, men are programmed to procreate, protect, and procure. As one ages, owing to physiological changes I now understand, that flame of “male-ness” dims a bit. You and your team, however, have worked together to help me, and others who use your Simply Men’s Health, find renewal in my drive to live, to protect, procure, and, procreate. (I am told my my somewhat younger wife, that procreation is “off the table.”) I want to thank you, Dr. Holtzman, Kyle, and the rest of the incredible team at Simply Men’s Health for helping me to find and make new sparks in my life, again.
Steve W.
Submitted 05/04/21
I have been a patient at Simply Mens Health for OVER 4 YEARS!! It's one of the best medical decisions I've ever made! Treatment is long lasting! After Cialis and Viagra stopped working I had to do something!! After treatment the firmness and stamina returned!! So important! They offer the latest in cutting edge technology!!! I've watched other ED clinics come and go!! Gone!!! Simply Mens Health has staying power and works to stay on the cutting edge with the latest advances in treatment. They are caring, throughly knowledgeable and professional!! I wouldn't go anywhere else
Yinet H.
Submitted 04/26/21
I am not a person that usually shares feedbacks or give reviews but, because the great experience I had in this place I will give 5 starts. My husband and I are very happy with the results and thanks to this clinic and its team our sex life improved amazingly. The staff is very friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend this clinic.
Bob A.
Submitted 04/24/21
My name is Bob and I am 56 years old and I’ve been suffering with ED ever since I had surgery for prostate cancer 5 years ago. The pills didn’t work and only gave me headaches and a stuffy nose. I went to a clinic near me in Fort Lauderdale and was so disappointed, I didn’t even get to see a doctor and it was heavy sales pressure. I tried Gainswave a few years ago but was disappointed. I was seriously considering a penile implant, but a friend of mine told me about the great success he had at a clinic in Boca Raton, Simply Men’s Health. I was hesitant at first, because I had never heard of them or Rejuvwave, but I was desperate. From the moment I walked into this clinic, I felt the difference. This is not a big chain or a franchise, this is a private medical clinic and the owners are physicians and medical professionals and you actually see physicians. They give you individualized attention and take the time and listen to my needs. Of course, I was still a bit skeptical, but before undergoing the knife, I gave their program a try. I did the Rejuvawave, which is 12 shockwave sessions, along with 2 p shots and stem cells. As they told me, I had to be patient, the results do not happen overnight. By my 5th – 6 th treatment I was waking up with erections again and by the 3rd months I was getting erections strong enough to have sex. It has now been six months since my treatment and my love life is back, even better than before I had the prostate cancer surgery. Thank you Simply Men’s Health and Rejuvwave for giving me my sex life back and saving my marriage.
Bruce D.
Submitted 02/05/21
I've been to several places trying to find help for my ED. This is one of the best medical offices I've seen. I had a great experience from the start, and after only a month into the treatment plan I am seeing results! Thank you Dr. Holzman!
Chet S.
Submitted 12/23/20
Was sick of doing testosterone shots - tried the pellets and what a difference! Feeling really good and no longer have to deal with the injections. Thank you!
Marlene S.
Submitted 12/05/20
I had a problem with hair loss. No one could help me. Finally, my hair is growing and better than ever!
Theresa H.
Submitted 12/02/20
I always had beautiful thick hair, but over the last several years my hair started thinning. I had tried different treatments, but nothing helped, and I was considering a transplant. Luckily I heard about Simply Men's Health hair restoration program from a friend who recommended this program. Before resorting to surgery, I tried their program and within a couple of months I could actually see small hairs starting to grow back. After about six months, my hair has almost completely regrown. The staff is very professional and caring and the treatments were always done by a physician.
Beau D.
Submitted 11/30/20
For many years I had accepted my ED as just the "way it was going to be." Something made me book a consult with Simply Men's Health and the treatments I underwent have given my a new lease on life. I know other clinics exist but there is no way they are as caring and result driven as this clinic. Can't say enough good things. Thank you to your staff and treatments!
Mark R.
Submitted 11/17/20
Very impressed with my experience at Simply Men's Health. The clinic has many treatment options for ED and the physician took the time listen to my situation and make a treatment plan for me. I've had excellent results and feel extremely comfortable with the staff. Highly recommend!!
Anthony Z.
Submitted 11/10/20
Truly a good decision... Priced much better than Miami... Very clean and well managed goup... Best of all RESULTS
Brett C.
Submitted 11/07/20
I was a skeptic at first, but this ED treatment truly works! I am a very satisfied client, and my younger girlfriend in Jax beach is even MORE satisfied on a regular basis! We recommend Simply Men's Health Florida Medical Group to anybody looking for the best, most professional ED treatment anywhere!
Tim K.
Submitted 11/05/20
After being married for 30 yrs, I began having problems with my E.D. I thought would never happen, it was taking a toll on our marriage and my wife and I were frustrated, she told me something had to change or else. I wanted a more permanent solution rather than a short term with shots and pills. I heard of acoustic wave therapy. I made the call and met with the staff who were very courteous and professional, the process and procedure were very easy and after several visits my wife and I are very pleased with the results from the acoustic wave therapy. Besides, it's a cheaper, pain free solution rather than or else, (getting divorced). Thank you very much. Sincerely HAPPIER, Tim K
Bob M.
Submitted 11/04/20
I haven’t been able to get an erection for more than five years and the pills didn’t work and gave me lots of side effects. I heard your radio ads for years and was embarrassed and nervous to call for an appointment, but I was desperate. Everyone at your clinic made me feel so comfortable and at ease, especially since this wasn’t chain clinic, physicians owned and operated the clinic. The treatments were amazing. After several visits I started to notice improvements and after a couple of months of treatment I was able to have a spontaneous sex life again. Thanks to all the staff at Simply Men’s Health. You gave me my life back. Bob M
Submitted 11/01/20
I heard about Simply Mens Health on the radio and I hoped they could help. The Viagra and Cialis I was using eventually stopped working and became nearly useless. My erections were like rubber with little stamina, and at times I couldn't even penetrate. It was so frustrating. After meeting with the staff and the examination I began treatment. My success over time was above and beyond anything I could have expected. With treatment my erections became firm again and stamina returned. The depression associated with it disappeared. What a relief. The staff was friendly and thoroughly professional. I learned they offer a variety of cutting edge ED treatments. I HIGHLY recommend Simply Mens Health!!!
Robert M.
Submitted 10/30/20
I am in my 40's and I started having problems with keeping an erection last year. I tried viagra, but the side effects were too much for me. When I heard about this new treatment that could help, my wife and I didn't hesitate. The doctors at Simply Men's Health are the best. They made sure to thoroughly explain the process and answer all our questions. After my examination, I had a treatment plan specifically tailored for me. Now, I am 1 month into the treatment and I am starting to see a big improvement. I feel like I am closer to being able to perform like I used to. My wife and I are very happy, and we can't wait to see how I will perform after I complete the entire treatment. I highly recommend Simply Men's Health!!
Barry B.
Submitted 10/28/20
I'm 58 years old and for many years I struggled with ED. I never discussed this with my doctor and talked very little to my wife about it. I finally got fed up with dealing with the lack of confidence and intimacy in the bedroom. The thought of taking a blue pill never really interested me, instead I went straight to Simply Men's Health. The doctors and staff are great to work with and they are able to take a topic that typically is an uncomfortable topic and make you feel very comfortable. They prescribed a treatment plan that gave me immediate results and over a few treatments I had my sexual vitality back. I wish I would've reached out to Simply Men's Health sooner. The price/value for what they provide is the best in South Florida ( I checked around). Thanks to the doctors and staff!