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Erectile dysfunction is a much more common condition that adult men struggle with than people realize. There are a variety of methods for treating erectile dysfunction, but not all of them are as effective professional treatment. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that involves the inability to get and maintain an erection that lasts the full time it takes for sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction treatment is available at Simply Men’s Health in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach, St Lucie, Broward and Miami Dade County. While some patients may be in denial that they have this condition, there is no reason to be. The longer a person avoids seeking treatment for this condition, the more they have to live with the symptoms. Our team can help with professional treatment options customized to each patient’s needs.

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Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Patients who attempt to live erectile dysfunction without seeking treatment will spend most of their days being unable to control or maintain an erection. Patients who rely on over-the-counter medications will find the effects are not lasting or experience uncomfortable side effects. Instead of gradually losing a battle with control, our team can help provide erectile dysfunction treatment.

Treatments like Viagra only provide temporary relief from erectile dysfunction since they do not treat the root cause of the pain. Fortunately, our team can provide stem cell and regenerative medicine with RejuvaWAVE®. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • Stimulating the regeneration of blood vessels and nerve tissue in the penis
  • Receiving a customized treatment to meet each patient’s needs
  • Helps to cure the cause of ED
  • Helps to reverse age-related issues that occur when having sex
  • Being a non-invasive treatment
  • Only taking around 10-15 minutes per session
  • No downtime following the procedure

While people may not need this treatment until they are farther along in age, it is important to know the symptoms and causes of erectile dysfunction.

Understanding the Symptoms and Causes

While other health conditions can hinder one’s sex drive or cause similar symptoms, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are constant and will get worse over time. Part of the issue is that many will select various forms of medication that do not address the underlying cause. Even though this condition seems to occur in older patients, that is not the only cause.

In fact, causes of erectile dysfunction can include conditions or states of mind that causes stress. Since sexual arousal and maintaining an erection involve the brain, hormones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and emotions, the cause of one’s erectile dysfunction can be any of these. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction can include:

  • A decrease in one’s sexual desire
  • Difficulty getting an erection
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection
  • Difficulty performing sexual intercourse

If these symptoms persist, it is crucial to seek professional treatment as soon as possible. Since there are also a variety of physical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction, certain treatment plans may not work.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

During the treatment process, we will conduct a physical exam, blood test, urine test and any other assessments we deem necessary. These tests will allow us to properly assess the patient’s condition and the extent of the erectile dysfunction. We will use this information to customize the treatment plan to the needs of the individual patient.

If the patient has any pre-existing health condition that may impact the treatment process, we will take that into account. RejuvaWAVE® is an effective treatment that we offer at Simply Men’s Health for the multiple benefits, including that it is a non-invasive procedure. Our treatment targets the root cause of erectile dysfunction instead of merely treating the symptoms.

With RejuvaWAVE®, the initial procedure will take around 10 to 15 minutes. This treatment involves using acoustic pressure waves to enhance blood circulation, stimulate cellular metabolism and tissue regeneration in the penis. With multiple appointments, patients will be able to regain control of their erection and maintain it when necessary.

By combining this treatment with stem cell therapy, we can help to promote the regeneration and regrowth of cells in the penis. By doing this, patients will be able to enhance their treatment process, boost their sexual health and promote easier control of their erection.

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