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There is no reason to continue allowing hair loss to alter your appearance when we have non-surgical hair restoration treatment options. Even though hair loss is a natural part of aging, it can progress much more quickly for some people and slower for others. Store-bought treatments may not be effective in meeting specific needs. With non-surgical hair restoration, people can receive professional medical treatment that helps to reverse current hair loss and prevent it from continuing to occur.

Non-surgical hair restoration is available at Simply Men’s Health in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach, St Lucie, Broward and Miami Dade County. Instead of living with hair loss, we can help you achieve the appearance of hair you desire with a customized appointment. This treatment can help both men and women struggling to save their hair.

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Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Once the pores of the hair follicles close, store-bought products will not be able to help the hair grow back. In fact, most store-bought products will only provide minimal changes to the state of a person’s hair. While hair loss is generally associated with people who are closer to their 40s and 50s, people can begin to experience it as early as their 20s.

Instead of relying on store-bought products that are hardly effective or living with hair loss, our team at Simply Men’s Health offers various non-surgical hair restoration treatment options. Benefits of these treatment options include:

  • A less invasive procedure
  • Help promote hair growth through PRP treatment
  • Help promote the faster production of cells in the scalp
  • Shorter appointment times than more invasive options
  • Not needing to wear any form of wig unless one desires to

Each hair restoration treatment at our practice will meet the specific needs of the patient through the examination process. We will customize the type of treatment, the dosage for each, the number of appointments and more.

Types of Treatment

Instead of hair transplants or other techniques that may not produce a natural-looking appearance, consider our non-surgical hair restoration options. One of our main options involves the RejuvaHair™ Enhanced PRP treatment. This involves combining specific growth factors with the patient’s own plasma from their blood and injecting it back into the scalp. This treatment can help to stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

We also offer patients the Capillus® Laser Cap treatment. This FDA-cleared treatment utilizes low-level laser therapy to prevent hair loss and promote growth in existing thinning hair. Patients will wear this cap for about six minutes per day so the laser can increase blood flow to the scalp and energize the hair follicles.

We can also consider a topical cream to help promote the regrowth of existing hair. It is important to note that once the hair follicle is gone, a hair transplant is the only option for a new hair follicle to grow. This, it is crucial to seek hair restoration as soon as possible.

The Treatment Process

To begin the treatment process, we will review the patient’s current condition, medical history, allergies, insurance and any other pertinent information we need to know. We will then examine the patient’s scalp and measure the level of hair loss. Since hair loss can result from stress, genetics and other factors, some patients may need to seek repeat treatment sessions to continue receiving the desired results.

With the RejuvaHair™ Enhanced PRP treatment, we will draw the patient’s blood and separate the platelets from it. We will then combine the platelet-rich plasma with other growth factors before injecting it back into the scalp. In some cases, the patient will also continue the Capillus® Laser Cap treatment as well to continue enhancing the results.

In general, it will take several months for the patient to see results from this treatment. The team at Simply Men’s Health, we will help the patient receive the most effective treatment. If the cause of hair loss is from one single event or medication that the patient no longer takes, the treatment may be permanent. If the cause is a genetic condition or a recurring factor in the patient’s life, then they will need multiple treatment sessions in the future.

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There is no reason to continue struggling with hair loss. Call us at 561-232-3704 to learn how our team at Simply Men’s Health can help to promote regrowth of thinning hair. You can begin the path to preventing further hair loss and achieve the full head of hair you desire. Schedule an appointment today.

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