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Stem cell therapy can help to promote healing and the regeneration of cells in the body. While there is a multitude of conditions that are part of the natural aging process, people do not need to live with the side effects that hold them back. Do not let the natural aging process hinder your health and quality of life. Stem cell therapy involves using stem cells to treat a condition, prevent a disease or promote the regrowth or specific cells in the body.

Stem cell therapy is available at Simply Men’s Health in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach, St Lucie, Broward and Miami Dade County. Our team can use stem cell therapy to promote the regeneration of cells in the body for various health conditions. We can help treat sexual health issues by using Amniotic and Umbilical-Placental derived Stem Cell therapies including Exosomes.

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Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

While people may be unsure about the possibilities of stem cell therapy, there are multiple reasons to seek this treatment. Stem cell therapy can do more than promote healing by spurring the regeneration and development of new cells. At Simply Men’s Health, we can help promote the regeneration and rejuvenation of cells for a variety of reasons. Benefits of stem cell therapy include:

  • Replacing damaged cells in specific parts of the body
  • Receiving a customized treatment plan for specific need
  • Promoting the regeneration of cells for hair growth, sexual health and more
  • Promoting healing and enhancing the recovery process
  • Ability to receive the necessary support and follow-up care after the initial treatment

Since no patient is exactly like another, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Thus, our team will take the time to customize the treatment to the needs of each patient. At Simply Men’s Health, we will go over the patient’s current condition and desire for stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Options

With stem cell therapy, we can help patients maintain a more youthful appearance, while easing the aches and pain of aging. At Simply Men’s Health, we combine stem cell therapy with other treatment techniques to maximize the treatment results. We can help enhance the stem cells to promote healing and the growth of new healthy cells.

Unlike store-bought remedies or other treatment techniques, we target the issue at the source on a cellular level. This way, patients can truly enjoy the results and live their life to the fullest without it holding them back. A few of the treatment options we offer with the use of stem cells include:

  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation

One of the main changes in appearance with aging are wrinkles in the skin. While there is a plethora of store-bought products, we can offer more effective solutions that treat the source of the wrinkles beneath the skin. By drawing blood, we can isolate the platelet-rich plasma in the blood and combine it with stem cells. We will then reintroduce the solution into the face.

With this treatment, we can help to remove wrinkles, reduce acne scarring, reduce hyperpigmentation and tighten the skin.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

At Simply Men’s Health, we offer patients several different methods for restoring hair and preventing further hair loss. With one such method, we utilize stem cell therapy with RejuvaHair™ to provide patients with non-surgical hair restoration. This treatment is also available as a prescription topical cream, as well.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

We can treat erectile dysfunction with a treatment known as the Priapus Shot, P-Shot. This involves injecting a solution of platelet rich plasma and stem cells into the penis. This shot contains the patient’s own blood and cells after isolating the plasma and enhancing them. Along with treating erectile dysfunction, this treatment can also help to enhance one’s sexual performance, pleasure and the size of the penis.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s treatment is a condition that can result in a bent shape of the penis due to scar tissue that does not heal properly. This condition can occur gradually over time. Fortunately, we can help to reverse it and restore proper shape with the P-shot treatment. This treatment will help to regenerate the growth of healthy cells of the scar tissue.

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