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REGROW Your OWN Hair Naturally with RejuvaHAIR™  –    No Surgery, No Transplants

Hair loss no longer has to be accepted as an inevitable part of aging or side effects of medication.   Simply Men's Health REJUVAnation Medical Center serving South Florida and the Treasure Coast has an exclusive non-surgical hair restoration program.

Non Surgical Hair Restoration - PRP and Stem Cells SImply Men's Health West Palm Beach Boca

Millions of both men and women suffer from hair loss.   Male pattern hair loss does not just affect men.  Both men and woman daily count hairs on their pillow or shower floor as their hair gets progressively thinner and their self confidence and self-esteem fall.

Men commonly experience male pattern hairloss or baldness due to a genetic predisposition, and this male pattern hair loss can become apparent as early as late teens and twenties.  The hair follicles which are genetically predisposed to be sensitive to DHT become miniaturized which causes the initial hair thinning and they eventually die resulting in baldness.   Woman are also susceptible to this androgenetic hair loss, but in woman it usually occurs around menopause, and women usually experience a diffuse thinning. 

RejuvaHAIR™ is a proven, non-surgical hair restoration program, exclusive to Simply Men's Health West Palm Beach and Boca serving all of South Florida, that actually regrows your own hair.   No need for surgery or hair transplants.  

Also, to the surprise of many, hair transplantation is NOT a permanent solution to male pattern hair loss.   Men who have hair transplants, often lose the grafts and experience repeated hair thinning and hair loss.  RejuvaHair™ protocol helps men who have already had transplants maintain their transplanted hair. 

Simply Men's Health RejuvaHair™ Non-surgical Hair Restoration Program  combines  PRP Hair Loss Therapy along with Proprietary Topical Prescriptions and Laser Hair treatments which can stop the progression of hair loss in both men and woman, and can help both men and women regrow a full head of healthy, thick and vibrant hair.  

No surgery, No plugs, No transplants, No weaves or hair pieces.

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What is the RejuvaHair™ Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Protocol?

RejuvaHair ™ is proprietary, cutting-edge, non-surgical hair restoration program combining state-of-the-art PRP designed for both men and women to STOP hair loss and stimulate the REGROWTH of your own hair. 

Male Pattern Hair Loss Non Surgical Hair Restoration Woman Non-Surgical Hair Restoration PRP Stem Cells


What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss. In men and menopausal women the most common cause is hereditary androgenetic hair loss.  Other causes of hair loss can be from medication, stress, hormonal changes, and auto-immune conditions.  Simply  Men's Health RejuvaHAIR™ Restoration Program helps to Repair, Regenerate and Restore the damaged and miniaturized hair follicles to regrow your own hair.

Non Surgical Hair Restoration Men and WomanMale Pattern Baldness:

The most common type of hair loss experienced by both men and women is male pattern, androgenetic hair loss.  This condition is hereditary and can begin in men in their early twenties and women around menopause.    Men start to slowly experience hair thinning in their early 20's and according to the American Hair Loss Association, by the time men reach age 50 about  85% of men will experience significant hair thinning 

Genetic Male Pattern hair loss (Androgenetic alopecia) is due to scalp DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) levels which causes genetically predisposed hair follicles to miniaturize and eventually die resulting in hair thinning and hair loss.


It is Important to Recognize Hair Loss Early: 

Once the hair follicle is dead and gone, there is no alternative but hair transplant.   While the follicle is in in the processes of miniaturizing, Simply Men's Health RejuvaHAIR™ Hair Restoration Program can halt the damage to the follicle and revitalize the hair follicle.  In both men and woman, hair loss can be halted and reversed when caught early.   

How does RejuvaHAIR™ work to Re-Grow Hair Follicles?

Simply Men's Health Hair restoration program is a multifaceted treatment protocol that restores the hair follicle and  reverses hair loss by revitalizing the hair follicle and blocking the effects of DHT.   But once  the hair follicle is completely gone and dead the hair follicle can not be restored and a hair transplant is your only option.

RejuvaHair™ PRP  treatment uses growth factors and cells derived from our own body to stimulate you own body's healing capacity to stop the miniaturization of the hair follicle and to revitalize the hair follicle to restore and regrow you own hair. 

The earlier you start a hair restoration program,  the better chance of stopping the relentless loss of more hair and regrowing a full thick head of hair.

How long does it take to see results?

Hair restoration and regrowth usually takes at least 3 to 6 months to see results.  The rate of hair loss slows and depending on your hair growth cycle you will experience hair thickening and regrowth by 3 to six months since Simply Men's Health Hair restoration program stimulates your body's own healing powers and the rate of improvement varies according to your overall health and individual healing process.  Occasionally some men and woman respond faster.

Is the hair regrowth permanent? How long will it last?

Male pattern hair loss is a relentless, progressive, genetically predisposed condition  and in order to maintain the hair regrowth, even to maintain hair transplant grafted follicles, one must continue a maintenance program.  Simply Men's Health provides a maintenance  program which includes daily proprietary topical prescription medication and Capillus® Laser Cap to maintain the restored hair.  The results with RejuvaHAIR™  maintenance can last a life-time.

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