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There is a new way to treat ED, and you may be surprised to find out it is Botox! Botox for erectile dysfunction, Priapus Botox procedure, may be the newest medical breakthrough to restore your sexual vitality. No longer is Botox just for wrinkles. Boca Raton’s Simply Men’s Health, serving South Florida, offers the cutting-edge, Dr. Runel’s  PRP + Botox shot. Even when Viagra or Trimix don’t work, penile Botox injections may help you get you back in the game.
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    Restore your sexual vitality with Botox for Erectile Dysfunction

    New medical research and clinic studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine show that the anti-wrinkle drug Botox benefits men suffering from erectile dysfunction. As a matter of fact, 40% of men who could not achieve an erection even with Viagra or Trimix injections, responded to Botox for erectile dysfunction. They went from not being able to have sex to having sex regularly, seeing their erectile dysfunction cured. Therefore, Botox may hold the key to restoring sexual vitality even in the most severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

    How does Botox work for Erectile Dysfunction?

    Before Dr. Runels introduced the Priapus shot in 2010, no one could have imagined getting needles of their own blood injected into their penis to improve their sex life. Now again, Dr. Runels aims to revolutionize the treatment of ED with injections of Botox into the penis for erectile dysfunction.Simply Men’s Health Priapus – Botox  certified physicians use a specific protocol of injecting blood-derived Platelet-Rich-Plasma, growth factors and Botox to improve penile health and function. As a result of the combination of Botox and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and growth factors, not only does Penile Botox increase blood flow, but it also regenerates and heals penile erectile tissue.

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    Penile Botox + PRP restores blood flow and stimulates the healing process in the penis to improve sexual vitality and performance. Our team at Simply Men’s Health can help. Call us today at 561-232-3704 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

    Physiology of an erection

    Mechanism of a healthy erection

    In the flaccid state, the smooth muscles in the penis are in a contracted state allowing minimal blood flow.  Therefore, in a healthy man, sexual arousal releases nitric oxide and the penile blood vessels relax and dilate.  Consequently, blood rushes into the penis filling the corpus cavernosum erectile chambers.  As result the penis fills with blood and becomes hard enabling you to engage in sexual activity.  After ejaculation, the process reverses and the blood vessels constrict and the erection goes away.

    Early stages of erectile dysfunction

    Often men dismiss early warning symptoms of erectile dysfunction as a normal part of aging.  But, when they can no longer perform and Viagra stops working, they acknowledge they have a problem.  Often due to health issues associated with aging such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease, the penile blood vessels lose the ability to relax and dilate and fill with blood.  Since the penis contains the smallest vessels in the body, long before you notice any health issues, one may notice a decrease in their sexual vitality.  Therefore, early symptoms of erectile dysfunction can a warning of future health problems, just like the canary in a coal mine.

    How Does Botox for Erectile Dysfunction work?

    Botox improves erections by relaxing smooth muscles of the blood vessel located in the corpus cavernosum erectile chambers that controls the blood flow into the penis. Specifically, Botox works by blocking the sympathetic nerve signals that keep the flaccid penile blood vessels in a contracted state allowing the blood vessels to relax and dilate. Contrary to what one may think, in the flaccid state, the penile blood vessels and smooth muscles are in the contracted state. In contrast, during an erection the blood vessels relax to allow the penis to fill with blood. To summarize, because of smooth muscle relaxation, blood flows in, fills the penis, and results in bigger, harder and longer lasting erections.In addition to blood vessel dilation, Botox helps the lining of blood vessels repair and heal itself. Therefore, unlike Viagra or trimix injections, Botox can help reverse and cure erectile dysfunction. Accordingly, Botox works synergistically with Simply Men’s Health RejuvaWAVE Multi Wave Shockwave™ and Biologics to turn back the clock and cure erectile dysfunction.

    How can Botox for Erectile Dysfunction help you?

    Botox injected into the penis proves penile tissue health and enhances penile blood flow. As a result, injections of penile Botox for erectile dysfunction helps you achieve stronger, harder and longer lasting erections. In addition, PRP + Botox injections may even increase flaccid penis length by up to 1”.Penile Botox Injections for ED improve the following:
    • Increases penile blood flow
    • Achieve stronger, harder and longer lasting erections
    • Helps premature ejaculation
    • Improves orgasm quality
    • May increase length of flaccid penis
    • Improved health of endothelial tissue
    • Restores overall sexual function

    Is using Botox for Erectile Dysfunction Safe?

    In over two decades of use, the medical community has found Botox to be safe. Specifically, Botox for erectile dysfunction has shown little to no adverse effects when administered by trained professionals. Although a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, Botox has been used for years treating a range of medical conditions such as excessive sweating, migraines, overactive bladder to erasing facial wrinkles. Botox has made a big impact in the word of medicine from cosmetic wrinkles, opthalmology, migraines, and now erectile dysfunction and penis size.Literally, as a frame of reference the Lethal Limit dose (LD50) for a 180 pound man is about 15,000 to 200,000 units (about 150 to 200 bottles of Botox. On the other hand, the maximum dose of Botox for erectile dysfunction is only 100 units or ONE bottle.The most common side effects may include flu-like symptoms, bruising or your body may develop resistance to treatment. Specifically, Botox for erectile dysfunction may increase risk of Priapism, a prolonged erection lasting more than four hours. Although this may sound like a good thing to men who cannot achieve an erection, priapism needs immediate medical attention to reduce the erection. Prolonged 100% hard erections more than four hours can damage the penis.

    How long does Botox for Erectile Dysfunction last?

    Men can expect to begin to see results about two weeks after the penile Botox injections. But, in contrast to when used in the face, studies show men who received 100 units of Botox saw improvements for up to six months and longer in many. Therefore, one requires maintenance injections over time. But, as erectile tissue regenerates and blood flow improves, one can space them out over longer periods of time.

    Contraindications: Who should not use Botox?

    • Neuromuscular disorders
    • Myasthenia gravis
    • Lambert_Eaton Syndrome
    • Amyotrophic lateralizing sclerosis myopathies
    • Botulinum toxin allergies.
    • Sickle Cell Disease or Sickle Cell trait


    Simply Men’s Health only uses genuine, Allergan Botox®. *Botox is not FDA approved for any urological condition and is being used off-label to treat erectile dysfunction. Most studies in these areas are small in number, nevertheless Botox for erectile dysfunction has shown promise in urology and sexual medicine.  As with any procedure, one cannot guarantee the outcome or completely list all known or unknown complications or side effects.   WARNING: Treating erectile dysfunction is serious business. Simply Men’s Health, trained and licensed by the Cellular Medicine Association® (indicated by their listing on our directory), can legally administer Dr. Runel’s Botox for erectile dysfunction and use the name, Bocox®

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