What to Ask at Your Priapus Shot for ED Consultation

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A Priapus Shot® can help with your ED (erectile dysfunction). It is a condition capable of inhibiting the ability to achieve and maintain a standard erection throughout the sexual act. ED becomes concerning if it is a regular occurrence. Modern medicine brings many solutions to this condition. Getting a Priapus Shot is one of them. If you are considering this treatment, here are some questions you can ask on your consultation day.

How does a Priapus Shot work?

This treatment works by using the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) of the patient’s blood. The PRP triggers tissue growth. It also stimulates neovascularization. This is an effective and healthy way to have a more youthful penis. The Priapus Shot restores the penile tissues. This process begins at the start of the treatment and lasts for about four months.

Who can be a good candidate?

A Priapus Shot treatment is a good and healthy treatment for men. Most men are good candidates for this treatment. The doctor will check the patient with a thorough interview and physical exam. The patient must be ready to answer questions about sexual performance and drive.

A good candidate would be a man who does not have success with traditional ED treatments. The patient may want to revitalize erection duration and quality. He may also want to increase his sexual interest and sensation. The patient may also like to share more intimacy with sexual partners.

What can the patient expect from this treatment?

Using PRP makes Priapus Shot a natural treatment. It can provide the patient with firmer erections. This happens because of the blood the vascular system in the penis restores.  Blood flow becomes steady and strong, resulting in firmer erections. The length of the erections also improves because of the strong flow of oxygenated blood.

The improved flow of blood brings in more nutrients to the penile nerves. This makes the entire male organ more stable. The Priapus Shot also rejuvenates and enlarges the penis. Many men experience this in one treatment. The penis increases in length and girth by 25 percent.

What can the treatment do?

A Priapus Shot can tackle low sex drive and lack of sensation linked with ED. It can also improve other concerns in sexual health. This treatment can treat Peyronie’s Disease, which affects the penile curvature upon erection. It can correct premature ejaculation as well.

Are all PRP qualities the same for all men?

PRPs are different in every man. The doctor can use many methods in deriving PRP from each patient. This process aims to get the highest density of platelets to create HD-PRP. Kits are available to help in creating PRP from a viable patient.

Methods and kits vary. This results in different types of PRP. The patient will benefit more if the PRP is high-density. The quality of the PRP depends on the patient’s age. A man who is at least 55 years old must augment PRP by taking a natural biologic. A Priapus Shot fortifies the PRP, enhancing the treatment’s outcome.

Getting a Priapus Shot can change your life

ED can be a long-term problem for some men. This results in a low self-image. A Priapus Shot can change the situation by improving the penile tissues. One treatment can result in a dramatic change in your penile tissue. An appointment with your doctor can begin your journey toward optimal sexual and overall health.

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