3 Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Men

Testosterone Therapy Boca Raton, FL

Testosterone therapy can help men with low testosterone improve their mental, physical, and sexual health. Symptoms such as low sex drive, low mood, weight gain, and loss of muscle may be the result of low testosterone. Here is a closer look at testosterone therapy and how it can benefit men with low testosterone.

About Testosterone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone produced primarily in the testicles at varying levels throughout a man’s life. It helps with sperm production and sexual function. Testosterone also helps maintain facial and body hair, muscle mass, bone density, healthy fat distribution, and mood and cognitive function. Some testosterone decline is natural with age. However, unusually low levels of testosterone due to disease and other factors can lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms such as decreased motivation and confidence, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, loss of muscle, and other undesired physical changes.

3 possible benefits of testosterone therapy

Testosterone therapy, also known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), aims to improve testosterone levels and alleviate troubling symptoms. It is possible to administer TRT via injections or implants, gels, dissolvable oral tablets, and skin patches. This therapy can help men struggling with low testosterone in three key ways:

Improved sexual function

Low testosterone can interfere with a man’s intimate life. Higher testosterone levels usually lead to improved erectile function and sex drive. Therefore, if a man’s lack of libido or sexual dysfunction is related to low testosterone, returning testosterone to a healthy level can improve these issues.

Better mental health

Mood disorders such as depression can be related to low testosterone levels, especially in older men. A study in News Medical Life Science reported that up to two-thirds of men with treatment-resistant depressive symptoms also had low testosterone. Testosterone therapy can help restore normal testosterone levels, elevate mood and energy levels, and even help with motivation and concentration.

Better physical health

Healthy testosterone levels benefit several areas of a man’s physical health. For men with low testosterone, TRT can help them decrease body fat and increase muscle size and strength. In addition, testosterone therapy has been shown to increase bone mineral density. All of these are important for better athletic performance. Finally, in some men with low testosterone, TRT can help support heart health and function and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Who is a candidate

TRT may not be right for everyone and is not typically recommended for healthy men who have normal levels of testosterone for their age. Before considering testosterone therapy, men need to be evaluated by a doctor. Doctors are most likely to recommend TRT if testosterone levels test low and the patient is exhibiting symptoms or the patient suffers from hypogonadism, a condition that hampers the body’s ability to produce sufficient testosterone.

Worried about low testosterone?

If you are worried your symptoms are a result of low testosterone, it is important to consult a doctor. TRT may help relieve your symptoms and improve your physical, mental, and sexual health. Call us today to learn more about testosterone therapy.

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