Tips for Erectile Dysfunction and PRP Treatment

Prp Treatment Boca Raton, FL

When erectile problems get in the way of one’s sexual wellness, it is time to find a solution, such as PRP treatment. This regenerative treatment solution can help heal damaged erectile tissue and does not take long to perform.

PRP for treating erectile dysfunction

PRP treatment is an option for men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction problems. PRP therapy works by drawing blood from the patient, extracting the platelets from the blood and then injecting the platelets into certain areas of the penis. These injections can heal any injured or diseased tissue, helping the patient’s own healing system improve and restore their body’s natural functioning abilities.


The information below includes beneficial tips that every man needs to know when considering PRP treatment to address their erectile dysfunction problems.

Getting a full set of blood tests

In order for a man to be approved to undergo PRP treatment, they first need to have certain blood tests done in order to check their overall health. It is essential for them to have healthy blood, which means healthy plasma and platelets. The only way this alternative treatment option can work is if healthy blood is used to improve the overall health of the tissues and blood vessels in the penis. Men who already have undergone blood tests within the last year may be able to use these tests instead of having new tests done.

Getting ideal results

Since every man who undergoes PRP treatment wants to experience successful results, there are a few things that they can do in order to support their overall good health. Examples include being at a healthy weight, not drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, not smoking, removing stress from their life, exercising on a regular basis and eating an overall healthy diet. For men who are taking multiple medications, it is essential for them to consult with a professional to find out if any of their medications will hinder their results.

Knowing what to avoid before the procedure

Once a man is approved to undergo PRP therapy, they will receive a list of things to do and to not do before undergoing the actual procedure. It is essential to follow these guidelines in order to expect a successful outcome. Examples of what men should do before the procedure are wearing comfortable clothing and being fully hydrated. An example of what not to do includes taking anti-inflammatory medications.

Wellness centers offer this modern treatment

When choosing to undergo treatment at a wellness center, men can expect to get the professional and private treatment that they need to support their desired sexual wellness.

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