3 Steps Towards Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness Boca Raton, FL

Learning more about your sexual wellness is a great idea. The fact that many people do not like to talk about topics related to sex because it makes them feel uncomfortable means that their sexual health may not be as good as it can be. Sex is a natural part of life and those who tend to be afraid or shy away from the topic are encouraged to contact their primary care provider to find out more about how they can be sure they are in good sexual health.

What does sexual wellness mean?

Wondering what exactly sexual wellness means? While many people believe that because they do not have a sexually transmitted disease or are not experiencing any sexual dysfunctions that they are in good sexual health, this is simply not true. According to the World Health Organization, sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. This means that your sexual health depends on you having a positive and respectful attitude towards your sexuality.

Three steps towards sexual wellness

The three steps below can help anyone learn more about their sexual wellness.

The P-Shot

There are a few procedures available that people can choose from that are specifically used to increase one’s desire for sex. This includes the P-Shot, which is a procedure that is used to help men who are not able to sexually function like they want to. Some of the more common reasons why men would experience this is because they have an enlarged prostate, have been diagnosed with diabetes and/or are suffering from side effects from taking a certain type of medication.

PRP therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is available for both men and women and is a fairly new wellness option that is continuing to grow in popularity. When PRP therapy is used for sexual health reasons, men can experience a higher degree of sexual desire, which allows for an improvement in sexual performance. When this type of therapy is used for women, they can expect an increase in blood flow in the vaginal area, which allows for a higher degree of sexual satisfaction.

Good personal health

In order for someone to expect to experience good sexual health, it is necessary for them to first be in overall good physical, emotional and mental health. For those who need to improve their good personal health and are not sure how to go about finding someone to help them, contacting a health professional who has experience in helping people achieve their sexual wellness can be very beneficial.

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Need more information on sexual wellness? Your sexual health is very important, making it a good idea for you to make sure that you are doing everything you can to ensure that you are experiencing good sexual wellness. If you want to make sure that your sexual health is in good shape or if you have any questions about your sexual wellness, we invite you to contact us now so we can get you scheduled in for a timely appointment.

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