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Warning: Dangers of Bellafill Penile Enhancement Procedure vs Safe RejuvaMAX P-Long

Bellafill Penile Enhancement Procedure Dangers

Although commonly offered by Men’s Male medspa clinics, one should avoid Bellafill Penile Enhancement procedures.  Although the average erect penis size is 5.16 inches in length and 4.59 inches in girth, men associate penis size with virility, strength and manhood.   Thus, the never-ending quest to increase their “manlihood.”  Since ancient times, men resorted to extreme measures from poisonous snake venom to heavy weights to jelqing in search of a bigger penis.

Medical Penile Enhancement Procedures

Most recently, medical professional use penile implants, silicone and fillers to increase penis size.  But not all fillers are the same.   But unfortunately, the use of permanent fillers such as Bellafill puts men at risk of potential disaster and problems.

What is Bellafill penile Enhancement

Although Bellafill, widely used as dermal fillers for acne scarring and the face, some men’s clinics are using Bellafill off-label to increase penis size.  Bellafill is composed semipermanent, non-biodegradable acrylic beads made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) suspended in bovine collagen.    Although being popularized by Men’s Medspas, surgeon Dr. Karamanoukian states: “Penile enlargement should not be considered with permanent PMMA injections because you will likely develop long term complications if your body mounts an inflammatory response…”   Steven Weiner, M.D states: “This is absolutely the worst idea I could imagine…”

Five Potential Risks of Bellafill Penile Enhancement

Although there are safe male enlargement injections and procedures, Bellafill Penile Enhancement (PMMA) permanent filler procedures poses many risks:

1.       Increased risk of injection and inflammatory reactions.  In addition to risk of injections from injecting a foreign non-dissolvable substance, your body’s immune system may react to this foreign PMMA filler as a threat.  As a result, your immune system mounts an immune response causing a severe inflammatory response.

2.       Penile deformity and scarring.  In contrast to safer dissolvable fillers such as hyaluronic acid, rather than enhancing penile appearance, Bellafill can cause unsightly nodules and deformities.   Bellafil cannot be melted, dissolved or molded. Since Bellafill , in contrast to Juvaderm and Restylane hyaluronic acid fillers is not reversible, one may need extensive surgery to correct deformities.  As a result, the surgery results in a scarred shortened penis, quite the opposite of penile enhancement and enlargement

3.       Exposure to harmful substances.  Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, a sugar molecule, Bellafill is composed of PMMA, a substance used to make clear plastics such as Plexiglass and may even cause cancer.

4.       High Cost and lower quality filler. In contrast to safer, dissolvable hyaluronic acid fillers, PMMA fillers costs 2- 3 times.

5.       Risk of Amputation.  In extremely severe cases of injection due to the irreversible, permanent filler, it can lead to the need for amputation.


Common Side effects of Non-Dissolvable Bellafill Penile Enhancment

Beware, with permanent Bellafill fillers, rather than aesthetically improving the appearance of your penis, it can cause severe deformities, scarring and erectile dysfunction. Since Bellafill is composed of bovine collagen and PMMC plastic-beads, there are many side effects including:

·         Uneven penis shape after injection which cannot be molded or modified

·         Detachment of the injected material

·         Disproportional spreading of the injected content

·         Irreversible lumps and bumps

·         Acute injection from foreign material

·         Internal scarring and severe fibrosis

·         Penile skin scarring and necrosis

·         Damage to veins and arteries

·         Inflammatory reaction to PMMA micro-beads

·         Severe damage to the penile shaft

·         Severe granuloma formation

·         Severe damage to penile tissue resulting in curvature and erectile dysfunction

Safer Alternative for Penile Enhancement – RejuvaMAX P Long procedure

Do not despair.  If you desire to enhance the size and appearance of your manlihood, the RejuvaMAX P-Long procedure offers men a safe alternative.  By combining Platelet-Rich-Plasma and Umbilical growth factors and mesenchymal cells along with the non-invasive P-Long procedure, men can safely increase the girth and length of their penis.   Learn more about safe penile enhancement procedures at Simply Men’s Health, Boca Raton’s premier men’s medspa and erectile dysfunction medical clinic.

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