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About six out of 100 men between the ages of 40-70 have Peyronie’s disease. Without early intervention, Peyronie’s disease produces excess scar tissue, resulting in painful erections. At Simply Men’s Health, with two convenient locations in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, the team of men’s health specialists specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Peyronie’s disease. To schedule an appointment, call the nearest office or book one online today.

Peyronie’s Disease Q & A

What is Peyronie’s Disease (PD)?

Peyronie’s disease is a rare inflammatory condition that causes a build-up of scar tissue and plaque inside the penis. Over time, this scar tissue causes the penis to curve or bend, resulting in pain and discomfort. Most often this curvature is only visible during an erection, but one can often feel the scar tissue in the flaccid penis. When left untreated, PD progresses to the extent that erections are painful. Moreover, the curve becomes so extreme that penetration is impossible. Lastly, some men also experience penile shortening. Thus as a result of PD, in addition to the physical symptoms, some men experience psychological distress as well.

How Common is Peyronie’s Disease?

About 5-10% of men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease. Although PD is most common in men between the ages of 40 and 70, younger men also suffer from Peyronie’s Disease.

What are the Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease?

The symptoms range in severity and progress over time. In fact, Peyronie’s disease can occur suddenly, with little warning, or over an extended time. The bend can become so severe that erections are excruciatingly painful and penetration is impossible. Common symptoms include:

  • Bent or curved penis
  • Pain with or without an erection
  • Difficulty having intercourse
  • Loss of width or shortened penis
  • Lumps (plaque) and scar tissue under the skin
  • Inability to achieve or maintain a full erection

What are the causes of Peyronie’s Disease?

Although the cause of Peyronie’s is unknown, it often is believed to be due to an injury. In some instances, the injury can be pinpointed as a result of rough sex or even a minor sports injury in the past. Finally, sometimes it is due to genetic or environmental reasons. During the healing process, an inflammatory condition results in the formation of scar tissue. Eventually, the scar tissue hardens and then forms the plaque of Peyronie’s disease. Consequently, this scar tissue doesn’t allow the penis to stretch causing a curve during an erection.

What are the traditional Peyronie’s Disease treatments?

Traditional medicine does not have much to offer. In fact, medications such as oral Pentoxifylline or Xiaflex injected directly into the plaque tend not to be effective. In addition, these treatments are painful, prolonged, and often even result in ED and shortening of the penis. And as a last resort, a patient opts for surgery. Even if surgery straightens the curve, this invasive choice often leaves the patient with even worse erectile dysfunction.

What Revolutionary Peyronie’s disease treatment is available at Simply Men’s Health?

Traditional medicine uses painful therapies that are often not effective and can often cause erectile dysfunction. In contrast, Simply Men’s Health uses drug and surgery-free alternatives like:

These Regenerative Medicine therapies work by breaking up the scar tissue and plaque, thereby reducing the curvature of the penis typical of PD. Also, the added benefit is that they restore your sexual vitality as well as lessening the curvature. Lastly, in addition to lessening the curve and restoring vitality, these treatments can even increase penis size.

What are the advantages of Simply Men’s Health Peyronie’s Disease treatment?

In summary, in addition to being a pain-free solution for Peyronie’s Disease, our treatments offer a number of other advantages such as the following:

  • In-office procedure, same-day discharge
  • No general anesthesia, no recovery time, No downtime
  • Can resume sexual activities the next day after the procedure
  • No lumpiness, swelling, or discoloration after the procedure
  • Increases sensitivity and pleasure
  • Improves the strength and intensity of orgasm
  • Increases ability to achieve and maintain erections
  • May increase penis size up to 1″ in length and girth.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In contrast to traditional treatments, Simply Men’s Health Peyronie’s Disease protocol essentially has no undesirable side effects. After treatment, rarely mild bruising occurs.

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