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If you regularly experience erectile problems and they don’t respond to prescription medications or healthy lifestyle changes, consider RejuvaWAVE®. RejuvaWAVE® is a non-invasive treatment used to enhance blood circulation and to stimulate cellular metabolism and tissue regeneration in the penis. At Simply Men’s Health, with two convenient locations in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, the team of men’s health specialists uses RejuvaWAVE® to safely treat erectile dysfunction and other related issues. To schedule an appointment, call the nearest office, or book a consultation online today.

RejuvaWAVE® Q & A

What is RejuvaWAVE®?

RejuvaWAVE® is a cutting-edge treatment that directs low-intensity shock waves at your penis. The shock waves stimulate your body’s natural healing process by increasing blood flow to your penis and promoting tissue regeneration.

RejuvaWAVE® is similar to GAINSWave® in that it uses extracorporeal pulse activation technology (EPAT®). Doctors in Europe invented EPAT as a treatment for acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. For the last several years, a growing number of providers discovered its ability to effectively treat erectile dysfunction as well.

What are the benefits of RejuvaWAVE® treatment?

RejuvaWAVE® treatment at Simply Men’s Health offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Quick treatment sessions
  • No downtime
  • Increased penis size and girth
  • Improved sexual performance and overall experience
  • No side-effects

RejuvaWAVE® helps break up scar tissue in the penis and stimulates cellular metabolism and tissue regeneration. When combined, these factors make it possible to address erectile dysfunction using non-chemical means.

What is the RejuvaWAVE® treatment process?

Simply Men’s Health offers RejuvaWAVE® as an outpatient treatment, so you can return home at the end of your appointment. The initial treatment session takes about 30 minutes, while subsequent treatments last 15-20 minutes.

Before treatment, your provider applies a topical numbing cream to your penis, ensuring you experience no pain or discomfort. Once the anesthesia sets in, you lie down on your back, and your provider uses a handheld applicator wand to direct low-frequency shockwaves at your penis.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your provider might recommend combining RejuvaWAVE® with the RejuvaEnhancement™ platelet-rich plasma (PRP) stem cell procedure. By combining these treatments, you’re even more likely to overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

How many RejuvaWAVE® treatments will I need?

The number of RejuvaWAVE® treatments you’ll need depends on your symptoms and goals. To achieve the best possible results, the team at Simply Men’s Health recommends a series of 12 RejuvaWAVE® treatments spread out over a three-month period. Following your initial round of treatment, the team can determine if additional appointments are necessary.

Does RejuvaWAVE® treatment work instantly?

RejuvaWAVE® treatment doesn’t provide instant results. It takes time for new tissue to grow and regenerate. As a result, most men don’t notice an improvement in their erections for the first three weeks. Be patient, follow your provider’s recovery instructions accordingly, and attend all follow-up appointments.

To learn more about the benefits of RejuvaWAVE®, schedule an appointment at Simply Men’s Health. Call the nearest office, or book a consultation online today.