What to Expect from Your Doctor for ED Treatment

Ed Treatment Boca Raton, FL Learning more about  ED treatments, helps you understand more about this common problem. While erectile dysfunction interferes with a man’s ability to have or sustain an erection, there are three categories of sexual dysfunction:
  1. a lack of sexual desire,
  2. the delay or absence of orgasm
  3. the ability to have or hold an erection long enough to engage in sexual intercourse.

Male sexual wellness and ED treatment

Wondering if ED treatment is part of male sexual wellness? Yes, it is. It is important for all men to address any erectile dysfunction with a medical professional. For example, the problem could be temporary or it could be related to an underlying condition that requires medical treatment in order to be corrected.

What to expect from your doctor for ED treatment

The following list includes information on what one can expect when making an appointment with their doctor for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Medical history

Every medical professional requires a medical history on a patient, as this allows them to understand a patient’s medical background. There will be many questions to answer, which should be answered thoroughly. Examples of what a medical professional needs to know may include whether or not the patient has had any chronic illnesses, any past operations, any medications they are taking, and whether they are experiencing any feelings of anxiety or depression.


It is often necessary for patients to undergo one or more tests in order to understand the cause of the dysfunction. Some of the more common types of tests a medical professional will use include blood tests, urine tests and an ultrasound test. The results of these tests are going to help the doctor make a proper diagnosis and typically do not cause the patient any type of discomfort or pain.

Physical examination

In order to help rule out any physical problems that could be causing the erectile dysfunction, the medical professional will carefully examine the patient. This includes examining the penis as well as the testicles for any signs of abnormalities. A physical examination also often includes checking the nerves in this area for feelings of sensation.


ED treatment options will depend on the cause as well as the severity of the problem. We encourage patients to ask their medical professional for the details on each treatment option. Common treatment options include oral medications, injectable medication, penile suppositories, penis pumps, penis implants and surgery. These are the usual treatment options, but in contrast Simply Men’s Health has revolutionized the treatment of ED with RejuvaWAVE multi wave shockwave laser and Biologics … turn back the clock and renew vitality. Restore spontaneity and Renew your Vitality!

Ready to make an appointment for ED treatment?

Make a consultation appointment to first learn more about your erectile dysfunction treatment options. We invite you to contact us so you can learn more about this common problem for men. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner you can get back on track to good male sexual wellness.Are you considering ED treatment in the Boca Raton area? Get more information at https://www.simplymenshealth.com.

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